Has your mailbox survived a brutal attack of hooligans with baseball bats or a nasty run in with a snow plow? Did you have a particularly pleasant experience with our customer service team? Is your Mail Boss just ridiculously good looking and you want to share a picture? Please let us know and we’ll include your stories, comments, and installation photos here.

Strength & Durability on Impact

Resistance to Attempted Burglary

Bent But Still Secure

Mail Boss Prying
“A thief managed to bend the corner of the
Mail Boss but didn’t get into it.” ~ Jim

Enhanced Curb Appeal

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  • Custom Bronze Mail Boss Package Master Installation

    VanessaYounger_PackageMastersFeaturedWho knew mailboxes could be so beautiful? Vanessa of Younger Design Works in San Rafael, California shared these photos of an amazing custom Bronze Package Master installation. She writes: “We are very happy with our Mail Boss mailboxes. We made an aluminum stand for them and put on combination locks (no keys!) We added some […]

  • Mail Manager Keeps Mail Thieves Out

    TwitterTestimonial_FeaturedA happy customer shared this with us on Twitter: You’re welcome! While his neighbors opted for what look like the (ironically named) Mailsafe mailboxes by Solar Group, he installed a Mail Manager. When mail thieves paid a visit, they broke into all of the locking mailboxes except his Mail Manager. Sometimes it pays to dare to […]

  • “Mail Boss down but not out”

    TestimonialsAlfred in Portland shared with us this picture of his Mail Boss mailbox post and Mounting Plate after it was hit by a car. He said his Mail Boss was down but not out! While the Fast-Trak Mounting Plate was completely mangled in the hit-and-run accident, the Mail Boss mailbox itself dislodged but was unscathed […]

  • Testimonial: Mail Boss saves other mailboxes!

    TimDrunkFeaturedCheck out this photo story Tim shared with us on Facebook! When a drunk driver plowed through his neighborhood’s mailbox stand, all of the mailboxes *until* the Mail Boss were destroyed. The Mail Boss took the brunt of the impact, effectively protecting the rest of the neighbor’s mailboxes from the hit. Only the Mail Boss […]

  • Perfect Paint to Match the Bronze Mail Boss Mailboxes

    HowToHeavy-gauge galvanized steel construction and a powder-coated finish make the Mail Boss mailboxes strong and durable, but sometimes the powder-coat can be damaged due to vandalism, natural disasters or accidents. If your Mail Boss gets scratched and the powder-coated finish is compromised, it’s important to use a protective paint like Rustoleum to prevent rust from […]

  • PHOTO: Above-Ground Bronze Mail Boss Mailbox Installation

    MyMailBossStuart Grant, an architect and certified general contractor in Miami, shared this photo of his above-ground Mail Boss mailbox installation hoping it might be inspire those wishing to install a curbside mailbox in very hard earth. Stuart writes: “This is a photo of my Mailboss a few minutes after mounting it on the post. Where […]

  • Package Master vs. Hay Bailer

    TestimonialsHere’s another incredible tale of Mail Boss mailbox survival. In this episode of mailbox match-ups, the Package Master takes on a Hay Bailer! Patricia shares: “This is a doozy for the “I Will Survive” stories. You won’t believe it but three days ago a hay bailer backed into our mailbox – more than once! We have […]

  • Package Master vs. Toyota Corolla in Atlanta GA

    TestimonialsIt’s no secret that the Mail Boss curbside mailboxes are durable, and thanks to the innovative Fast-Trak Mounting Plate, they can often survive impact with planes, trains and automobiles. Here’s another incredible tale of mailbox survival from Suzanne in Atlanta, Georgia: “I was awakened early one morning by a sound I assumed was our over-sized […]

  • Mail Boss Testimonial from SRPOA HOA

    TestimonialsWe had the opportunity to work with the SRPOA Homeowners Association in Sacramento, upgrading their mailboxes to combat mail theft. Patricia Brennen orchestrated the group buy for her neighbors, and sent us this feedback and photos. What a Company! What Quality Service! What a Great Product I had the pleasure of putting together an HOA […]

  • PHOTO: Granite Package Master Installation

    MyMailBossHere are some great shots of a Granite Package Master mailbox installation with a Newspaper Holder and In-Ground Post from Dave in Jersey Shore. The house is not built yet, but when it is, it sure will have some fabulous #curbappeal with this beautiful granite finish! Just wanted to share photos of the Package Master […]