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Has your mailbox survived a brutal attack of hooligans with baseball bats or a nasty run-in with a snowplow?

Did you have a particularly pleasant experience with our customer service team? Is your Mail Boss just ridiculously good looking and you want to share a picture? Please let us know and we’ll include your stories, comments, and installation photos here.


Mail Boss Testimonial from Dallas, TX

Mail Boss Testimonial from Portland, OR

Mail Boss Testimonial – Oklahoma City, OK

Mail Boss Testimonial from Connecticut

Mail Boss Testimonial – Oklahoma City, OK

Mail Boss Testimonial from Portland, OR

MailBoss Testimonial from San Jose, CA

Greg from Oakland says "great product and looks nice to boot!"

Just installed a new Epoch security mailbox and have to tell you that the design and construction are quite excellent. Even the small touches like the included drill bit is fantastic.

Thanks for a great product, we certainly appreciate it AND it looks nice to boot!

Mail Boss Testimonial from Federal Way, WA

The Customer Is Always Right!

“Thanks Mail Boss” from Fountain Hills, AZ

Attempted Mail Boss Prying… Twice

Attempted Mail Boss Burglary in Auburn

Another Mail Boss survives impact

Testimonial: Mail Boss vs. 30-Ton Farm Equipment

William: Package Master “Best purchase I ever made”

Mail Boss Survives Brutal Hit-and-Run!