Mail Boss Testimonial – Oklahoma City, OK

MailBoss mailboxes features 500+ unique lock-key combinations

Recently, we received this e-mail from a Mail Boss customer:

Thank you! I appreciate your prompt service. I like my new Townhouse mailbox. Can you tell me how many unique combinations of keys there are for this model?

Our response:

Originally there were 300 unique locks for the Townhouse and in all of the new units produced August 2008 or later there are a new unique 500 combinations. We will most likely continue to change out lock sets every year or so to ensure the security of our customers.

His reply:

(We love good Testimonials!)

Thank you very much for your response. Our mailbox is awesome! We love it.

I am glad there are 300-500 unique lock combinations. That makes me feel better because I was wondering if the locks were all the same.

Thanks for making a great product and for having great customer service, too.

Best regards,

Rod D.
Oklahoma City, OK

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