Other Locking Mailboxes

Don’t think that simply having a locking mailbox will protect you. In some cases, it might. But there have been thousands of cases where individuals have had their mail stolen from a locking mailbox they thought was secure.

While many locking mailboxes appear secure, they offer only a moment’s deterrence to mail and identity thieves. Other locking mailboxes may offer security, but at a much higher price than the MailBoss locking security mailbox. In this section, we examine some of the other locking mailboxes available on the market, and offer related material for your review.

Other Mailboxes

Competitors Lack Security

Solar Group Mailsafe fished by hand, pried by hand
Oasis Jr® fished by hand, pried with a screwdriver
Pinnacle Mailbox pried with a screwdriver

Oasis Jr® Vulnerable to Theft

Oasis Jr® by Architectural Mailboxes fished by hand,
pried open with a screwdriver in seconds.
Take a close look at the latch-locking system.

Thieves Target the Competition

Thieves pry open “secure” mailboxes in Sammamish
and Issaquah to steal mail for identity theft.

Atlanta Thief Fishes Oasis Jr®

Mail thief in Atlanta steals mail from Oasis Jr® mailbox
by Architectural Mailboxes via fishing by hand.


Jefferson Co Mailboxes Pried Open

Thieves in Jefferson County Colorado pried open Oasis Jr®
mailboxes and now residents are worried about ID theft.

Pried in Anchorage

Oasis Jr® Mailboxes Pried in Anchorage

More than 50 mailboxes in Anchorage pried open by
mail thieves including the popular Oasis Jr® locking mailbox.

50 Locked

50+ locked mailboxes pried in Fresno

Fresno residents are on high-alert after more than 50
locking mailboxes were pried open, mail stolen for ID theft.

Prying Oasis Jr vs. Package Master

Prying Oasis Jr vs. Package Master

Bank of mailboxes targeted by thieves – Oasis Jr
mailboxes pried open while Package Master stands strong.

Competitors’ Mailboxes Pried Open

Competitors’ Mailboxes Pried Open

MailSafe and Oasis Jr Mailboxes pried open,
but not the Mail Boss mailboxes!

Oasis Jr® Burglarized in Bakersfield

Oasis Jr® Burglarized in Bakersfield

Bakersfield business owner resorts to leaving door open
to discourage any more prying of “secure” mailbox.