Choose Your Locking Mailbox Wisely

The Mail Boss can provide true mail security and peace of mind

I found an interesting video on YouTube today. It is a news report on a rash of mail thefts of locked mailboxes. I feel really bad for the people who had their mail stolen. When they forked out a pretty penny for those non-secure locking mailboxes, I am sure they were under the impression that they were protecting themselves against mail and identity theft. The fact is, far and away most locking mailboxes can be opened by hand or with little force and a small screw driver in only a few seconds. You might as well flush your money down the toilet.

It is very unfortunate that these people, as well as most people in our country that own a locking mailbox, are unaware that they have choices in a secure locking mailbox. They do not have to settle for the status quo. It is also unfortunate that the angle on this story is slanted to give people the impression they are helpless against the many identity thieves that have figured out just how easy it is to penetrate these non-secure locking mailboxes.

This story tends to sour people into the same old “I am helpless” mentality that is so prevalent in our society. You are not helpless. You do not have to be a victim. There are a few high quality secure locking mailboxes available.

We created the MailBoss Security Locking Mailbox for the people who don’t want to be victims. For the people who have the foresight, and do the research necessary to protect themselves against identity crimes, we recommend the MailBoss. Not only is it extremely easy to install, but it has a patent-pending locking mechanism that makes it exceedingly difficult to pry. I am not saying it is impenetrable…nothing is. I am saying that it takes so much time and makes so much noise to get in that you being the next target is highly unlikely. There are way too many easier targets out there. Just watch THE MAIL BOSS VIDEO.

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