Oasis Jr Mailboxes Pried Open in Jefferson County, CO

In Jefferson County Colorado, many residents have learned the hard way that simply having a locking mailbox is not enough to keep mail thieves at bay. Their “secure” mailboxes were busted open and the contents stolen for fraud. (Read the full story on CBS Denver here.)

No longer is any old mailbox with a lock an adequate deterrent for thieves. In fact, mail thieves are increasingly resorting to prying open locked mailboxes to steal sensitive information for identity theft.

The reality is that most locking mailboxes, including the Oasis Jr® by Architectural Mailboxes pictured below, can be easily pried open with a screwdriver in seconds.

Oasis Jr Architectural Mailboxes Pried Open

Many “secure” mailboxes have a low-quality locking system with a cam that can be easily violated. If you want to see how easy it is to pop open this kind of lock, check out this video:


When choosing a locking mailbox, don’t compromise on security. A locking mailbox should be able to withstand fishing or prying attempts by thieves.

A locking mailbox should be a one-time investment in peace of mind.

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