A Success Story for Mail Boss Mailbox Security

Tired of mailbox vandalism? See how our secure design stopped a determined thief in its tracks, keeping Phillip's mail safe. Discover Mail Boss's commitment to durable mailboxes and find the perfect solution for your home.

Keeping your mail safe shouldn’t be a gamble. Our customer Phillip from Bellevue, WA, knows this all too well. After years of mailbox woes and frustrated neighbors, Phillip turned to Mail Boss for a solution.

For over a decade, Phillip’s mailbox on his arterial street was a target for thieves. While his neighbors fell victim, Phillip’s Mail Boss mailbox held strong, with only minor pry marks to show for it.

This past weekend, however, Phillip faced his toughest test yet. A determined vandal attacked his mailbox, causing more damage than ever before. But even with significant prying, our secure design prevailed, keeping Phillip’s mail safe.

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Mail Manager Mailbox stops out of control driver

One of our instagram followers recently sent us these intense images of an out of control driver being stopped by one of our mailboxes! The security camera footage has to be seen to be believed, but we’re grateful that no one was hurt and thankful for her feedback and glowing review:

“10/10 mailbox. Stopped the person who hit our neighbor’s parked car. As fast as they were going the cops said her vehicle would have kept going if we had a regular mailbox up. This happened at 7:30 in the morning while children were coming out for the school bus. Possibly saved a life. Still works, however, scratched to hell and back. Waiting to get another. We will never buy anything else. We’ve lost about 4 mailboxes during our time on this road.”-Brandy Stephens

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Kev’s Castle shows you how to install a Mail Boss Mailbox & post in concrete with this DIY instructional video:

We were thrilled to watch Kevin from Kev’s Castle, a YouTube channel that shows you how to do various DIY projects around your home, install our Mail Manager Street Safe mailbox and post in concrete. Kevin did a great job of demonstrating how easy and safe it is to install and use our mailbox, and we want to share his experience with you.

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Simple instructions for building your own DIY Mid Century Modern Wooden Mailbox Column, and Modern Farmhouse Mailbox

DIY wooden mailbox column

Sensei Creations Store on Etsy is selling digital downloads of simple instructions on how you can build your own “Mid Century Modern Wooden Mailbox Column!” using the Mail Boss Mail manager, as well as instructions for a “Modern Farmhouse Mailbox” using a Mail Boss Townhouse or Metro wall mount mailbox. While we are in no way affiliated with the seller or store, we have to say, we absolutely LOVE the models they chose to feature! And all of the user submitted images really highlight the creativity of our customers! Check it out!

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Mail Boss Locking Security Mailbox Survives Fire

Recently a man who owned a property in California reached out for help finding his key number so that he could order replacement keys for his Mail Boss locking security mailbox. This is a common need for those of us who sometimes misplace their keys. Since he had registered his mailbox via mailboss.staging.wpengine.com, locating the key number…

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