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Customer Photos

Mail Boss Locking Security Mailbox Survives Fire

Recently a man who owned a property in California reached out for help finding his key number so that he could order replacement keys for his Mail Boss locking security mailbox. This is a common need for those of us who sometimes misplace their keys. Since he had registered his mailbox via, locating the key number…

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Mail Boss Takes a Beating & Keeps on Kicking

Mail Boss Takes a Beating & Keeps on Kicking – White Bear Lake, Minnesota A Customer recently reached out to share the following story: Late one night, while Maggie and her husband were sleeping, she heard a large crash, as if a tree had fallen in their yard. The next morning when she went to…

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Hit & Run Survival Story!

    “Most of the damage was to the bottom mounting plate the mailbox slides onto.  The two bolts in the front behind the locked compartment were torn completely through the hinge plate. I had to straighten the mounting plate which was not very hard to do.  A steel table, a good “C” clamp, and…

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Our Anniversary with Maple Leaf Ace Hardware

  We are super happy to announce our Anniversary date with our local Ace Hardware store in Maple Leaf! They have been carrying our Mail Boss products since February 2007! 11 solid years of great partnership and we hope to continue to see our products at their location and many more Ace Hardware stores! Maple…

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Out with the old, up with the new!

    We love seeing how our customers style our Mail Boss products! Here is our recent favorite and first customer image we received this year! Shawn shared this great photo of his Mail Manager mailbox with us on Facebook. We are always looking for more creative ways to decorate our mailboxes. So, if you have a decorated…

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Locking Security Wall Mount Mailboxes Survives Hit & Run!

Our lovely Townhouse Mall Boss locking security wall mount mailboxes at a local neighborhood in Washington, recently survived a hit and run around Christmas! Edna was so impressed with the quality of our mailboxes that she personally reached out to us to let us know how much she and her neighbors are impressed by the impact…

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Happy Customer Alert!

John called us recently to let us know what a happy customer he is for choosing our product over all the other locking security mailboxes out there! He stated that his neighbors got their mailboxes broken into while his Mail Boss outlasted the thief. As you can see, while thief was able to bend the…

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That’s a Bad Ass Mailbox!

We pondered more appropriate verbiage to use, but at the end of the day, let’s call a spade a spade. This is a Bad Ass Mailbox! Behold, over 100 lbs of heavy-gauge electrogalvanized steel in granite with custom white vinyl! Plus, it serves a functional purpose. Wade in Rancho Cucamongo wrote: “I bought one and it…

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Attempted Mail Boss Prying… Twice

Austin reached out to us after a would-be mail thief attempted to pry open his Mail Boss Curbside locking mailbox. He wrote: We have a Mailboss locking mailbox that someone tried to pry open. We’ve had it for about five years. It has a barrel lock. Here are some pictures of our damaged mailbox. The mailbox…

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