A Success Story for Mail Boss Mailbox Security

Tired of mailbox vandalism? See how our secure design stopped a determined thief in its tracks, keeping Phillip's mail safe. Discover Mail Boss's commitment to durable mailboxes and find the perfect solution for your home.

Keeping your mail safe shouldn’t be a gamble. Our customer Phillip from Bellevue, WA, knows this all too well. After years of mailbox woes and frustrated neighbors, Phillip turned to Mail Boss for a solution.

For over a decade, Phillip’s mailbox on his arterial street was a target for thieves. While his neighbors fell victim, Phillip’s Mail Boss mailbox held strong, with only minor pry marks to show for it.

This past weekend, however, Phillip faced his toughest test yet. A determined vandal attacked his mailbox, causing more damage than ever before. But even with significant prying, our secure design prevailed, keeping Phillip’s mail safe.

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Keep your Mail Safe this Holiday Season

The Holiday Season is officially upon us as we close the first full week of December. Along with all the holiday cheer and festive activities the season bring, it also means an increase of mail sitting in your mailbox. Be it flyers advertising sales, perfect for last minute shoppers, package deliveries or cards from friends…

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Mail Boss Takes a Beating & Keeps on Kicking

Mail Boss Takes a Beating & Keeps on Kicking – White Bear Lake, Minnesota A Customer recently reached out to share the following story: Late one night, while Maggie and her husband were sleeping, she heard a large crash, as if a tree had fallen in their yard. The next morning when she went to…

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Attempted Mail Boss Break In = EPIC FAIL!

Mail theft

We here at Mail Boss recently received a email from one of our satisfied customers who happened to film a thief’s 20 minute attempt at breaking into one of our Mail Boss High Security Locking Mailboxes. We hope you enjoy this video as much as we did! The struggle is real! Shop Here for Mail…

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Mail Boss Survives Brutal Hit-and-Run!

A couple of days back, we received an email from Ronald and Sheryl in Portland, OR. They were in need of a new flag and bracket for their Mail Boss mailbox. Apparently, someone had a serious collision with their mailbox, launching it over 50 feet, and yanking the post out of it’s concrete support. The…

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A True Life #BetterByBoss Success!

Neighbors replace burglarized mailboxes with Mail Boss, thieves return! Well here’s something that just doesn’t happen every day… A group of neighbors in Santa Rosa reached out to us back in April after their Oasis Jr mailboxes were burglarized. Below is one of the photos of the bank of mailboxes after the burglary. The neighbors all took…

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Mailbox Strength and Durability on Impact

How the patented FAST TRAK Design makes Mail Boss virtually indestructible If you take a look at some of the Mail Boss testimonials, I imagine you will be quite impressed. Thanks to superior construction and innovative design, the Mail Boss Curbside and Package Mailboxes models have been known to survive some serious impacts.

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MailBoss: The Mailbox Baseball Cure

Stop Mailbox Baseball Vandalism with the Durable Mail Boss Mailbox For those of you looking to establish a baseball bat cemetery in your front yard, look no further! Mail Boss security mailboxes will manifest your suburban revenge fantasy. Bolt down a post mount Mailboss and expect zero buyer’s remorse. Your purchase will have mailbox vandals limping…

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