Keep your Mail Safe this Holiday Season

The Holiday Season is officially upon us as we close the first full week of December. Along with all the holiday cheer and festive activities the season bring, it also means an increase of mail sitting in your mailbox.

Be it flyers advertising sales, perfect for last minute shoppers, package deliveries or cards from friends and family, there is definitely an a correlation between the holidays and getting more mail.

This can also mean an increase in mail theft, as the idea of more deliveries can entice thieves to a rash of mailbox break-ins.

Enter the Mail Boss Locking Security Mailbox! Keep your mail safe all year round

With 12-16 gauge electro-galvanized welded steel, patented anti-pry latch locking mechanism to prevent leveraged entry, and a locking access door with commercial grade high security wafer lock, a Mail Boss Locking Security Mailbox is a great way to deter thieves and keep your mail secure!

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