Classic case of “Mailbox Baseball” in Jefferson City, MO

Here you have another classic example of a total mailbox annihilation. The weapon of choice? A timeless centerpiece of American sports history, the bat. The sport you ask? Mailbox Baseball. We’re sure these pranksters were having a lot of fun, but lets face it… It’s no fun to replace your mailbox every time someone wants to pretend their slamming home runs in the world series!

First up to bat is the most famous ‘Metal Mark’! He’s been around the block. And the pitch…

A crusher!

Next up to bat, a newbie on the block. They call him ‘Plastic Paul’! The pitch…

Man, that one went right through!

Next up to bat, and hailing from the same region, we have ‘Faded Fabio’. The pitch…

That one held it’s integrity, but it was a pop fly straight to center field.

  3 outs. End of inning.

The Boss is up to bat… the pitch… a semi truck!?!

This is the direct result of an impact with a semi-truck. There’s really just no worthy comparison of the Mail Boss to other mailboxes in both locking and non-locking categories. A bat? Not a chance.

Buy yourself some peace of mind, and protect yourself from the next up-to-no-gooder with a Mail Boss.


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