Mailbox Strength and Durability on Impact

How the patented FAST TRAK Design makes Mail Boss virtually indestructible

If you take a look at some of the Mail Boss testimonials, I imagine you will be quite impressed. Thanks to superior construction and innovative design, the Mail Boss Curbside and Package Mailboxes models have been known to survive some serious impacts.


You don’t have to take our word for it, either. Here’s a video testimonial made by one of our customers who backed a trailer over his Mail Boss, and was able to remount it, virtually unscathed:

How, exactly, does this happen?

Well it all has to due with the patented Fast-Trak design that is featured on the Mail Boss and the Package Master.

Fast Trak Mounting PlateWhile the mailboxes are made of heavy-gauge galvanized steel, they still would be unlikely to survive high-speed collisions if it weren’t for the Fast-Trak Mounting Plate.

When these curbside mailboxes are struck with a lot of force, the bolts that secure the mailbox to the Fast Trak (that are concealed behind the locking access door) typically sheer off, dislodging the mailbox from the plate. While the plate is often mangled, it can be repaired or replaced. Typically (not always) the mailbox itself is undamaged.

We recently received these photos from a customer whose mailbox was struck by a semi-truck… a SEMI-TRUCK! In this case, the Mail Boss was too badly mangled to remount it, but you can see that it still remained unopened.

MailBossVandalism1The impact ripped the pole, which was buried in three feet of cement, out of the ground, and launched the mailbox. You can see the Fast-Trak plate remains bolted to the pole, but the mailbox itself dislodged via the stainless steel machine screws.

MailBossVandalism2This design protects against damage from snow plows, drunk drivers, baseball bats, and more!

While we explicitly exclude accidental and deliberate damage from our Lifetime Warranty, when a customer contacts us after mailbox damage we will often offer them wholesale pricing to replace their mailbox… just because! Plus, then we get to see these awesome customer photos and share these stories so — we hope — potential customers better understand how our curbside mailboxes are so dang strong!

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