Mail Boss Survives Brutal Hit-and-Run!

A couple of days back, we received an email from Ronald and Sheryl in Portland, OR. They were in need of a new flag and bracket for their Mail Boss mailbox.

Apparently, someone had a serious collision with their mailbox, launching it over 50 feet, and yanking the post out of it’s concrete support.

The Mail Boss flag did not survive the collision.

Miraculously (although, we’re not that surprised), the Mail Boss is still in working condition!

The pictures are quite shocking. Surely, the car responsible for this wreckage is not looking so great.

Ronald and Sheryl have filed a report with the police, but they have no suspects at this time.

We have sent them a new flag as well as a new Fast-Trak Mounting Plate to reinstall the Mail Boss. (In collisions like this, the Mail Boss typically survives but is dislodged from the Mounting Plate. See for example this similar story on youtube).

Here are the pictures Ronald and Sheryl sent us:






And here is their story:

To Mail BOSS- Locking Security Mailboxes,

Some time during the night on Friday November 4, 2011, some one ran over our Mail Boss
mail box and knocked the galvanized steel post out of the base plate and concrete.

We discovered the damaged the next morning. The box itself was about 50 feet from the post and base, which had been set in the ground with 4 inches of concrete on top of base plate.

The box mounts were both badly bent, the hinge on the door was also bent and the flag on the box was broken and laid on the street in pieces.

With a lot of hammering and some patience I was able to get the box back in working order enough for service on Monday.

Who ever ran over that box must of had A LOTof damage to their vehicle, because that is one tough Mail Boss mail box!

When we bought the mail box, we were having trouble with people taking our mail.

We field a report with our local police, he came out and took a look at all the damage to the box and our neighbor’s yard the vehicle was in.

As of yet we still do not have a clue who did this hit and run and probably never will.

Ronald & Sheryl Lobdell,

Portland, OR

Thanks to Ronald and Sheryl for sharing their story. We love to hear from our customers, so if you have a similar story, please do let us know!

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