Mail Boss Locking Security Mailbox Survives Fire

Recently a man who owned a property in California reached out for help finding his key number so that he could order replacement keys for his Mail Boss locking security mailbox. This is a common need for those of us who sometimes misplace their keys. Since he had registered his mailbox via, locating the key number was simple and easy.

What was surprising was the reason why he needed to order replacement keys. His home had burned down during the Camp Fire disaster in California, destroying all his possessions to include his mailbox keys. His Mail Boss locking security mailbox however, survived!


With only this small silver lining after a terrible hardship, we happily sent this customer free replacement keys. Hopefully, our small gesture helped make his day a little easier as he works on recovering from the worst fire in California history.

And hopefully still having a mailbox standing makes it easier to come home and rebuild.

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