Simple instructions for building your own DIY Mid Century Modern Wooden Mailbox Column, and Modern Farmhouse Mailbox

Sensei Creations Store on Etsy is selling digital downloads of simple instructions on how you can build your own “Mid Century Modern Wooden Mailbox Column!” and “Modern BLOCK wood Mailbox post” using the Mail Boss Mail manager, as well as instructions for a “Modern Farmhouse Mailbox” using a Mail Boss Townhouse or Metro wall mount mailbox. While we are in no way affiliated with the seller or store, we have to say, we absolutely LOVE the models they chose to feature! And all of the user submitted images really highlight the creativity of our customers! Check it out!

“Modern BLOCK wood Mailbox post”
 These “Mid Century Modern Wooden Mailbox Column!” step-by-step instructions will give you the confidence to tackle this project like a professional.
Build your very own unique and stylish Mailbox.  Bring style and curb-appeal to your home. 
Don’t pay a professional to do something you can do in 2-3 days for a fraction of the cost. 
Minimize numerous trips to the hardware store and the countless hours and hours searching (and hoping) for the perfect online video that will teach/show you everything you need to know (it doesn’t exist by the way).    
“Great instructions, and a beautiful mailbox! The step-by-step instructions were easy to follow, and provided several options for tools and materials to use. We used the post hole option instead of the concrete pad because we had post hole diggers. The wood is cedar, which we found at Lowes. The stain/sealant is Olympic Maximum, Honey Gold. We’ve gotten a lot of compliments from neighbors.”
“I followed the instructions but you need to understand that you will not come up with the exact same measurements as on the plans. It just won’t happen. You need to take the lead at a certain point and decide that you will need to adjust to your own project vs what is on the paper. Overall, great project! I’ve already had 4 neighbors compliment us and someone I’ve never met drove up and asked how we did it.” -Jul 25, 2020 Anderson
“Absolutely beautiful mailbox. My father built it out of a hardwood called epay. With the harsh weather of Minnesota I am hoping for a relatively maintenance free mailbox. Hoping the snowplow leaves it standing. “
“The plans were very well laid out and easy to follow. We decided to go off script a bit and build a connected planter box as well. People keep walking by giving compliments! Thank you for the brilliant guide to follow! Highly recommend”-Margaux
“The directions were pretty much spot on. Someone else had mentioned this a previous review but I’ll say it again. There are parts during the assembly that you do need to improvise. You need a certain degree of skill to attempt building this project. It’s not EXACTLY step by step. The instructions will get you about 80% of the way. They are particularly useful for a parts list. It very clearly gives you everything you need to complete this. I would definitely recommend buying this if you are interested. Mine yielded spectacular results. My neighbors are now call me “the envy of the neighborhood.” -Apr 10, 2021 Ryan Druzynski
“Built the mailbox this weekend with my son. The instructions were great. I did pour a concrete base and use a Simpson PB44. It’s sturdy but a bit wobbly. Unsure why. Love the end result. Fun project and I have had 2 neighbors compliment it the day it was done.” -Shane
“Great design and very easy to follow instructions. We did stray from them some as we wanted ours to be a little more narrow but it was super easy to figure out the changes. End product looks great and everyone who passes by tells us how much they love it!

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