Oasis Jr Mailboxes Targeted in Recent Mailbox Burglaries

Updated Dec. 15

Consumers across the nation are becoming aware of the stolen mail-identity theft connection and purchasing locking mailboxes for protection. While many people may think that simply having a locked mailbox is a sufficient deterrent to mail thieves, increasingly that is not the case. The fact is most locking mailboxes can be easily pried open in seconds by would-be identity thieves wielding a household screwdriver.

With more and more people switching to locking mailboxes, thieves are resorting to prying open locked mailboxes to steal mail. One “security” mailbox which seems to have been very popular among mailbox burglars as of late is the Oasis Jr® by Architectural Mailboxes.

Just in the last month, there have been several reports in the news of thieves prying open Oasis Jr. mailboxes to steal mail, presumably for identity theft.

On November 11, CBS Denver reported a rash in mail theft from locking mailboxes in Jefferson County resulting in fraudulent purchases. According to the story, “deputies received reports of a large number of locked mailboxes that had been burglarized. Investigators started receiving reports of victims’ personal information or financial information, like credit cards, checks and convenience checks being used in the Denver metro area.”

The burglarized mailboxes photographed for the story are the Oasis Jr mailboxes shown below. You can see where the lock cams were bent back, most likely by prying with a screwdriver or other tool:

Mailboxes Busted Open, Contents Stolen for Fraudulent Purposes


photo credit: Jeffco Sheriff

Then on November 26 in Fresno, California, ABC 30 reported that about 50 or 60 locked mailboxes were pried open. According to the Fresno residents, “this is nothing new.”

You can watch the video here, and see that thieves targeted Oasis Jr mailboxes.

Mailbox break-ins have residents of a northwest Fresno neighborhood feeling targeted


photo credit: ABC 30


photo credit: ABC 30

The cams of the mailbox locks were bent back, leaving formerly “locked” mailboxes left with doors hanging open.


photo credit: ABC 30


photo credit: ABC 30

Some Fresno residents have resorted to using duct tape to hold their mailboxes shut.


photo credit: ABC 30

Then, on November 29th, there was another news report showing the competition pried open by thieves, this time in Bakersfield, California. Bakersfield Now reported that businesses on District Boulevard had their mailboxes burglarized.

In the video here, you can see that Proforma Progressive Marketing owns an Oasis Jr. mailbox. An employee at Proforma said they’ve had mail stolen at least three times, and now “they’re leaving the door wide open to discourage anyone from prying it open again.”

Bakersfield businesses complain of mail theft


photo credit: KBAK

Sue England, owner of England Design next door to Proforma, purchased a Mail Manager mailbox so she won’t be victimized again.


photo credit: KBAK

We spoke to her on the phone, and she said they haven’t had any mail stolen since installing the Mail Manager. They’re also taking precautions: They won’t be sending checks in the outgoing mail anymore.

Finally, on December 10, brazen thieves hit a Conroe Texas subdivision and broke into nearly 100 locking mailboxes. According to Click 2 Houston, homeowners caught the mailbox prying on security cameras.

The news report shows a black Oasis Jr mailbox and a brownish Oasis mailbox that were pried open by thieves:

Police: Thieves break into nearly 100 mailboxes in Conroe


photo credit: Click 2 Houston


photo credit: Click 2 Houston

It is unclear if any other kinds of locking mailboxes were burglarized; none were shown in the news report.

Mailbox burglaries are not a new phenomena. In fact, earlier this year we had a customer report that his neighbors’ Oasis Jr. mailboxes were pried open while his own Mail Boss Package Master just sustained a little scratch. But those kinds of stories don’t typically make the news.

As of late, mailbox burglary is – without a doubt – on the rise. And so, it matters now more than ever that consumers understand the factors to consider when choosing a locking mailbox. Do you live in an area where mailboxes are being pried open? Do many of your neighbors already have locking mailbox? If so, you’ll want a secure mailbox like the Mail Boss mailbox, which can’t be easily pried open like the competition.


  1. Cheryl Petratos on August 26, 2017 at 2:44 pm

    I live on the corner and I asked for my mail be delivered to my side door. (FYI:They have been delivering to my side door for 30 years). I called to complain that they throw my mail in my front yard, which is fenced in with a locked gate). Was told by customer rep of USPS that they should/can only deliver to the front of my actual address, is this accurate?

  2. Gabriel on August 31, 2017 at 2:28 pm

    Hi Cheryl, I’m sorry that you’ve been having issues with your mail delivery. If you live on a corner, your mail may be being delivered to your side door because your front door is the closest and most convenient location for the mail carrier to deliver to along his route. I would suggest purchasing some house numbers to place on your side door, so that it is very clear to the mail carrier the mail is allowed to be delivered there. Additionally I would recommend installing a locking wall mount box, so that your mail is secure upon delivery. This should make it clear to the mail carrier you would prefer to have your mail delivered to your mailbox near the side door. If you still have issues their may be a reason why the mail is being delivered to your front door, and I would recommend contacting your local postmaster for further information. Here, you can purchase high-security locking mailboxes, and one of our wall mount mailboxes would surely work perfectly for you!

  3. Enrico on March 9, 2019 at 8:15 am

    We have been getting a lot of mail from random people like our neighbors or other people on the complex. Also at the complex we live their has been a lot of busted mail door boxes open or trouble opening ours. We never get our amazon or fed ex packages on time or go to our neighbor or other people around the complex.

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