The Customer Is Always Right!

Roy M. in Santa Rosa, CA writes in on the Mail Boss locking mailbox, and more…

You guys are the greatest! Thank you for all your kindness, advice and patience. The world would be a better place if there were more people like you!

My old mailbox has been demolished twice by baseball bats. I had put in a transmitter (motion detector) to tell me when the mail was delivered. They took the transmitter (even though it is useless without a tuned receiver). They even frequently leave the mailbox doors open either to show that they have been there or in their haste to leave. We think it is being done by the bikers who got angry after the neighbors complained about them riding their “hogs” on top of the bot dots (for the noise effect) and had the bot dots removed.

After very extensive research on the internet, canvasing the neighborhood, (some of my neighbors put up their mailboxes next to a lamp post to try to save them) and visiting the local bigbox store to compare what was available, I chose the Mail Boss locking mailbox.

It looks great, works perfectly and is far stronger and well made than any similar ones that I found.

I am absolutely delighted with it and it has remained untouchable and secure.

Tip: If you want to upgrade the numbers you may wish to consider “Hillman Sign Center” 3 inch high, 2 inches wide, 76mm thick. They are made of aluminum and are black with white, raised, reflective numbers. I used Epoxy glue to attach them. They look great on the white Mailboss.

Tip: As suggested, I put my outgoing mail in Post Office Blue Boxes and I put out the pre-paid “business reply” envelopes and cards from unwanted solicitations (minus my identification) to alert me to the arrival of the mail. (Support your local post office.)

After we received permission to use Roy’s feedback, he sent us this response with some extra information, if any of you out there are curious about some of his advice.

The bigbox store referred to was “Home Depot” which carries many brands of mailboxes, including “Architectural”, but not Mail Boss locking mailbox.

The Epoxy Glue that I used was “Gorilla Epoxy”. I used that because you can clean up the excess glue with rubbing alcohol which is much easier to work with than solvents such as Acetone, paint thinner, etc.

I also used a Tin Shears to cut off the bent 1/4 inch strip, at the top and bottom of “The Hillman Sign Center” numbers, so that they would lie flat against the mailbox. The numbers sell for about $1.29 a piece.

Please thank all the guys there for the help that they gave to me for which I am very grateful!

No, thank YOU, Roy, for this wonderful feedback!


  1. J Hollingsworth on January 30, 2017 at 5:49 pm

    THANK YOU Mail Boss for wonderful customer service. I had a problem with my lock and sent an email to Mail Boss. Their response was quick, courteous and helpful. I received a free replacement lock within a few days. Great customer service. Thanks.

  2. Jenny on January 31, 2017 at 12:51 pm

    Thank you for the feedback!

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