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Has your mailbox survived a brutal attack of hooligans with baseball bats or a nasty run-in with a snowplow?

Did you have a particularly pleasant experience with our customer service team? Is your Mail Boss just ridiculously good looking and you want to share a picture? Please let us know and we’ll include your stories, comments, and installation photos here.


Mailbox Strength and Durability on Impact

A True Life #BetterByBoss Success!

Mail Boss Anecdote #1

Lodi Prying Thieves Target Mail Boss

Flag Attachment for Brick Column Installations

Jack in Tampa: “Mail Boss Survived!”

Another Mail Boss Mailbox Survives Collision with Car

Mail Boss Mailbox – 1; Nissan Xterra – 0

MailBoss in San Diego: Before and After

Testimonial from Rob in Winhall, VT

Photo: Bronze Package Master in Brick Column

“Senior Citizen” says Mail Boss easy to install

Mail Boss Testimonial from SRPOA HOA

PHOTO: Beautiful Brick Column Mail Boss Installation

Jim Says Mail Boss an “Excellent Product!”

PHOTO: Granite Package Master Installation