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Has your mailbox survived a brutal attack of hooligans with baseball bats or a nasty run-in with a snowplow?

Did you have a particularly pleasant experience with our customer service team? Is your Mail Boss just ridiculously good looking and you want to share a picture? Please let us know and we’ll include your stories, comments, and installation photos here.


Homeowners Replace Wyngate with “Superior” MailBoss

Testimonial: “Wow, what a great design!”

Testimonial: “Great Service”

Mail Boss “so much better than SOLAR GROUP” Mailsafe

Mail Boss Thank You from Renton, WA

Homeowner Says: “Beware! MailSafe NOT Secure”

Mail Boss Testimonial from Peoria, AZ

Mail Boss Testimonial from Port Ludlow, WA

Mail Boss Testimonial from Reno, NV

Mail Boss Testimonial from Champlain, NY

Customer Service Testimonial from Port Angeles, WA