Hit & Run Survival Story!



“Most of the damage was to the bottom mounting plate the mailbox slides onto.  The two bolts in the front behind the locked compartment were torn completely through the hinge plate.
I had to straighten the mounting plate which was not very hard to do.  A steel table, a good “C” clamp, and a hammer did the truck.
The bottom of the box at the back on one side was dented and had to by hammered out a bit before it would slide back onto the mounting plate.  But the bend was minimal so it did not take too much to fix it.

All in all, the box survived relatively undamaged.  The mail slot door works just like before with no damage.  The locking door needed to be tweaked, but that was because of the bottom hinge mount being damaged when the box was torn from the mounting plate.

I was impressed really.  Built like a tank.  I don’t have pics of the offending Honda, because this was a hit and run collision.  But I am very certain it suffered moderate damage to the driver’s side.  The pole my mailbox was mounted too was a 4″ steel pipe cemented into the ground.  While the pole was uprooted, it would have taken a LOT of force to do that.

Thanks, Bruce”

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