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Let me start by saying I wasn’t going to buy this mailbox.

In my research for a sturdy and highly secure mailbox, Mail Boss came up routinely as one of the top ones. We were experiencing theft at our previous mailbox (which was a typical mailbox shape with no locks or security at all), so we needed to make a change. To combat the thieves, I ordered 2 mailboxes on Amazon so I could return the one that was inferior. I was looking for something large because we receive large FedEx sized envelopes regularly. So I wanted the biggest one I could get. I first ordered the Mail Boss 7206 Package Master on Amazon, then I called Mail Boss and spoke to a great sales rep there. The rep gave me SO MUCH information about mailboxes that I didn’t know, it was great. Mail Boss, however, didn’t have the largest mailbox I could find. So, by the end of the call, I had decided not to keep this Mail Boss mailbox that I had just ordered. I immediately ordered a mailbox from their main competitor that was 2 inches wider (14 inches VS 12 inches). Since I ordered them on the same day, both mailboxes arrived on the same day.

Package master curb appeal Locking brick mailbox post cinderblock concrete brick and stacked stone concrete masonry faux stone veneer column locking mailbox insert Modern Architectural Epoch Design epic mailboxAFTER I ordered these mailboxes, I did more research online, and I found that Mail Boss had a special system for extra security.

I also saw photo-based reviews showing the competition’s mailbox being opened with a simple screwdriver and such. So when the Mail Boss 7206 Package Master arrived, I was again leaning towards it as the one to install in our brick mailbox. When I lifted both delivered boxes up off the doorstep, I was SHOCKED at how heavy and sturdy the Mail Boss product was. It was easily DOUBLE the weight of the competitor. I had also read that they are VERY DIFFICULT to break into, and based on the sturdiness of the mailbox walls, etc., I completely understand why. Based on the weight of the box, I decided to open the Mail Boss one first.

The lift-gate system for depositing mail is also unique. I was unable to get my own hand into the system, nor could I get my 9-year-old daughter’s hand in there either.Package delivery parcel locker home mailbox with lock, large lockable mailbox, lockable mail boxes, small mailbox with lock, best locking mailbox, residential theft proof mailbox, secure mail boxes, best secure mailbox, secure mailbox for home, safety mailbox, high security mailbox, secure mailbox post, most secure mailbox, large secure mailbox, locking mailboxes for sale, wyngate locking mailbox, lockable mailboxes, residential residential mailboxes with locks, curbside locking mailbox, post office approved locking mailboxes, locking rural mailbox with rear access, security mailboxes, residential locking mailbox, insert for curbside mailboxes, locking rural mailbox, locking residential mailboxes for sale, locking security mailbox, secure mailbox for business, large locking mailbox, secure rural mailbox, best locking mailbox, inside mailbox, white locking mailbox, lockable rural mailbox, locking mechanism, stainless steel hinges, locking curbside mailbox, jumbo mailbox, heavy duty locking mailbox, roadside mailboxes, postmaster mailbox, steel lock, usps approved, latch lock with key, anti-fishing mailbox,

We also tested it with some smaller sized packages (like things we’d get through Amazon), and they were able to fit through the system easily as well.

Simply put, the mailbox is safe, secure, durable, and big enough to do everything we need.

In the end, I didn’t even open the package with the competition’s mailbox. PLUS, I later looked more closely at the competition’s box, and their mailbox was actually TWELVE inches as well. NOT 14 inches. I did feel a little bit bamboozled by the competition’s mailbox. Now, the Mail Boss product was a lot more expensive, but most people know the saying, “You get what you pay for”.

The extra cost will be made up in spades with peace of mind and ACTUALLY getting my mail.

Plus, if you go with the cheaper one and it breaks and you have to buy the more expensive one, then you’ll end up paying more. It is common knowledge that paying a little bit more and buying a good sturdy product is actually cheaper in the long run. Long-story-short, the Mail Boss mailbox is as legit as it gets. I ended up calling the company back and letting them know that I decided to stay with their mailbox despite the small size difference. I am SUPER HAPPY with Mail Boss as a company and their product is second to none. They have a lot of different mailboxes to choose from, so just call them up and they will help you pick the right one. 🙂 Full disclosure – I AM NOT GETTING PAID OR FREE PRODUCT OR ANYTHING for writing this review. I’m just a happy customer who was sold a better than expected product from a company that actually took the time to help me (even when it didn’t seem to be in their favor during the original call). THANK YOU!” – Joshua

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  1. Jonathan Durning on December 16, 2020 at 8:36 pm

    I have had a Mail Boss for a few years and someone recently attempted to break in. We found our mailbox locking door was bent but the thief was not able to pry the door open. Yeah for Mail Boss! Unfortunately a number of our neighbors with other brands of mailboxes were not so lucky. Several are now buying Mail Boss mailboxes on my recommendation.

    A happy customer

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