Locking Security Wall Mount Mailboxes Survives Hit & Run!

Our lovely Townhouse Mall Boss locking security wall mount mailboxes at a local neighborhood in Washington, recently survived a hit and run around Christmas! Edna was so impressed with the quality of our mailboxes that she personally reached out to us to let us know how much she and her neighbors are impressed by the impact of the post structure collapsing and only some scratch and dents happened to their mailboxes. It was definitely a happy investment for them and their neighbors!




Edna wrote:

“My husband and I built the structure and installed the boxes about three or four years ago after a previous hit and run and years of bored kids throughout the neighborhood wielding baseball bats to rural boxes. Your boxes have withstood a small pry bar attack from attempted mail theft on two of the boxes about a year ago as well. Lovely world we all live in, right?

Attached are the before and the destroyed after shots of our beautiful group of three mailboxes. Thought you would like to know that while the 4″x6″ posts and 2″x12″ wooden superstructure was destroyed by a high speed, errant hit and run driver last evening, our steel mailboxes survived with just some scrapes when the double stick taped on crowned tops popped off. The boxes will live to see another day! The neighbors felt the boxes were a bit of an expensive purchase initially, but they are thankful now!! Thank you!!!!!”


While the Mail Boss warranty officially excludes accidental or deliberate damage, we still like to do our best to take care of our customers. In this case, we sent Edna and her neighbors some industrial strength tape to fix the roofs that popped off the mailboxes, Tri-Flow for their locks, and provided a recommendation for some good Rustoleum to cover up the defects in the powder-coat!

Thanks to Edna and Emil for sharing their story. We love to hear from our customers, so if you have a similar story, please do let us know by calling 1-800-589-7990 or emailing us at info@mailboss.com with pictures!

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