Happy Customer Says Thanks for Awesome Customer Service!

Hello Mail Boss,

I wanted to write and say how much I love my Mail Boss mailbox, lock lubricant, inground post and lock cover that I ordered directly from mailboss.com. What a clever design and an outstanding customer service department.

Everyone I talked with at Mail Boss who I talked with impressed me.

At the same time, Chris stood out with his calming and inspiring manner, and detailed knowledge for installation. I really don’t think I could have done this without Chris going above and beyond, talking with me and my mailbox professional.

Chris patiently walked me through installing my lock cover, which I love as the weather just dipped to 15 below zero a few weeks ago. And I believe it will work like the inexpensive styrofoam covers over my outside water faucets to provide just enough protection. Your website said to disassemble the lock, which way more than I wanted to try to do. But Chris said I could simply loosen the nut a turn or two, then push the lock out a millimeter or two ~ just enough to slip the lock cover behind it ~ with one hand while I slipped the lock cover on with the other one. And this worked brilliantly ~ very, very simple! And I remembered not to touch the screw behind the lock as that holds all the lock parts together.

Then I lubricated the lock and key and put the numbers on ~ used my blue painters tape on the bottom as a guide. And I now also like only having numbers on the front not only because I like the looks of it better, but I also see it as added security in not standing out as much to criminals. Right now in my neighborhood, there are only two of us with mailbox numbers only on the front. And the other one is a top police officer in my city.

I know you continue to improve the design so I love how easily you can slide out the mailbox at any time in the future to get a new mailbox. And now I’m telling others about my great mailboss.com find.

Thanks so much

No, THANK YOU for coming to us first for assistance! Thank you for being a Happy Mail Boss Customer!

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