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Hit & Run Survival Story!

    “Most of the damage was to the bottom mounting plate the mailbox slides onto.  The two bolts in the front behind the locked compartment were torn completely through the hinge plate. I had to straighten the mounting plate which was not very hard to do.  A steel table, a good “C” clamp, and…

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Locking Security Wall Mount Mailboxes Survives Hit & Run!

Our lovely Townhouse Mall Boss locking security wall mount mailboxes at a local neighborhood in Washington, recently survived a hit and run around Christmas! Edna was so impressed with the quality of our mailboxes that she personally reached out to us to let us know how much she and her neighbors are impressed by the impact…

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Mail Boss Survives Brutal Hit-and-Run!

A couple of days back, we received an email from Ronald and Sheryl in Portland, OR. They were in need of a new flag and bracket for their Mail Boss mailbox. Apparently, someone had a serious collision with their mailbox, launching it over 50 feet, and yanking the post out of it’s concrete support. The…

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Another Mail Boss Mailbox Survives Collision with Car

This is nothing new, but no less incredible: Another Mail Boss mailbox has survived impact with a vehicle. This tale of #MailBossSurvival comes from Scott in Nevada City, California. He says the driver lost control of the vehicle on a icy road and struck his Mail Boss mailbox. The Mail Boss dislodged from the patented…

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Testimonial: Mail Boss saves other mailboxes!

Check out this photo story Tim shared with us on Facebook! When a drunk driver plowed through his neighborhood’s mailbox stand, all of the mailboxes *until* the Mail Boss were destroyed. The Mail Boss took the brunt of the impact, effectively protecting the rest of the neighbor’s mailboxes from the hit. Only the Mail Boss…

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“Mail Boss down but not out”

Alfred in Portland shared with us this picture of his Mail Boss mailbox post and Mounting Plate after it was hit by a car. He said his Mail Boss was down but not out! While the Fast-Trak Mounting Plate was completely mangled in the hit-and-run accident, the Mail Boss mailbox itself dislodged but was unscathed…

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Mail Boss Run over by Truck… No Big Deal

A local customer, Theresa, recently sent us some unbelievable photos that we just have to share. Her story proves once again how ridiculously burly the Mail Boss is when put to the test. This time, Mail Boss was actually run over by a truck. After the accident, Theresa was able to use the Mail Boss…

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Mail Boss vs. Ford Truck: The Good, Bad and Ugly!

Jimmy’s Mail Boss was hit by a Ford Truck. The impact sheered the Fast Trak mounting bolts, sending the Mail Boss flying and uprooting the Mail Boss In Ground Post from its in-ground concrete home. We absolutely LOVE this story! Not because Jimmy’s Mail Boss was hit, but because in the battle of Truck vs.…

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Mail Boss Hit by Car: Thrown 40 Feet, Barely Scuffed

Dang, those cars are hitting mailboxes left and right lately! Luckily for our customers, the Mail Boss laughs at silly cars. It’s gonna take more than a couple tons of metal moving at many miles an hour to take out our mailboxes!!! Here’s another good one from Bob: “Let me compliment you on the quality…

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