Nicholas says “Mail Boss: 4, Drunk Drivers: 0”

We just LOVE this!

Nicholas posted on our Facebook page to tell us that his Mail Boss has survived another run-in with a drunk driver! He writes:

Back again, Mail Boss: 4, Drunk drivers: 0

Yup the old boy got hit yet again, but 30 seconds with a hammer and a little spray paint and he was right as rain.

If there is any doubt in your mind about buying this mailbox, let me set you at ease.

My favorite activity lately is to sip coffee and watch cars drive by in the morning doing the “drive of shame” and trying to pick out which one hit my mail box the night before.

So far my Mail Boss has managed to take out a bumper, a side mirror, the entire side of a car. It got hit so hard last time that it pulled the 80 lbs concrete ball out of the ground and threw the whole thing 6 feet.

The thing is a tank, plain and simple.

And then he adds:

The way I see it, you all are helping to get drunk drivers off the road, one destroyed car at a time 😉

Seriously, that is so awesome!

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