Mail Boss vs. Ford Truck: The Good, Bad and Ugly!

Jimmy’s Mail Boss was hit by a Ford Truck. The impact sheered the Fast Trak mounting bolts, sending the Mail Boss flying and uprooting the Mail Boss In Ground Post from its in-ground concrete home.

We absolutely LOVE this story! Not because Jimmy’s Mail Boss was hit, but because in the battle of Truck vs. Mail Boss, you can see from these pictures it’s pretty clear the Mail Boss won!

MailBoss Damages Ford Truck Impact

MailBoss Damages Ford Truck Impact

Damage to Ford Truck from MailBoss Impact

MailBoss Post Ripped Out of Ground

Tire Marks MailBoss Mailbox Collision

From Jimmy:

On 01/26/2013, a hit & run driver took out my Mail Boss mailbox on a rural road in Ridgefield, WA…

The GOOD is that the mailbox remained unopened after violent impact, the cemented post was dislodged from the ground but remained intact & the newspaper holder survived…

The BAD is I’ll have to replace mailbox because of bent frame and stripped screws from base plate…

The UGLY is whoever hit my mailbox did some major damage to the vehicle based on debris left at the scene which was the front left headlight & turn signal housing of a Ford, plus a lot of other plastic parts…Maybe this should be the GOOD since the person did not stop…

Thanks for a superb product…Jimmy

We’re sending Jimmy a free new Fast-Trak Plate to remount his Mail Boss, which in fact does not need to be replaced! We don’t think the owner of the Ford Truck will have such an easy or inexpensive a fix!

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