Mail Boss Hit by Car: Thrown 40 Feet, Barely Scuffed

Dang, those cars are hitting mailboxes left and right lately! Luckily for our customers, the Mail Boss laughs at silly cars. It’s gonna take more than a couple tons of metal moving at many miles an hour to take out our mailboxes!!!

Here’s another good one from Bob:

“Let me compliment you on the quality of your mailboxes.  I purchased one 3 years ago when my last mailbox was run over and destroyed.

This past Saturday when I got up and went outside, no mailbox.  The post (an 8″ telephone pole buried 4 feet into the ground) was out of plumb and the 2×6 cradle that I had constructed as a mount for the mailbox was destroyed.  My Mailboss mailbox itself was thrown about 40 feet into the yard. Looking around, there were skid marks crossing the road and into the yard across the street where the offending driver had temporarily (at least) lost control after bouncing off the mailbox post.

Fearing the worst, I went to get what I expected to be a destroyed mailbox.  I was pleasantly surprised to find a mailbox that not only still functioned as it should, it was barely scuffed with only a small amount of paint transfer from the idiot’s car.

Thank you and best wishes,
Bob K.”

Unfortunately, Bob didn’t share a photo of his Mail Boss with us. Although, we might have rather seen a picture of the car! Just saying…

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