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Mail Boss Testimonial from SRPOA HOA

We had the opportunity to work with the SRPOA Homeowners Association in Sacramento, upgrading their mailboxes to combat mail theft. Patricia Brennen orchestrated the group buy for her neighbors, and sent us this feedback and photos. What a Company! What Quality Service! What a Great Product I had the pleasure of putting together an HOA…

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Not So “White” Mail Manager Mailboxes on Clearance

The Mail Boss “white” isn’t even white to begin with; it’s more of a cream. But when we received a shipment of 250 “white” Mail Managers this week, we noticed something was off. The usual white (cream) looked a little…. pink. Next to a “white” post, you could call this oopsies finish sand. Well, many…

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Mail Boss Struck Again and Survives

Once again, the Mail Boss wins a brutal urban fight. Today we received an email from David J. in Pinetown, NC who wrote to tell us how his Mail Boss was struck by a pick-up truck. Although the set-up and flag weren’t quite as fortunate in condition after this full contact hit, the mailbox continues to…

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Mail Manager Now Available in White

Our newest mailbox the Mail Manager has been hugely popular, but one thing that we’ve been asked time and time again is why it isn’t available in any color besides black. Well, ask and you shall receive! The Mail Manager is now available in the White finish, too.

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Mail Boss Foils Vandals Says David in CA

This week, we received an phone call from a Mail Boss customer who had recently been the victim of mailbox vandalism. Apparently, someone attempted to steal his locking mailbox by strapping it to a truck and trying to drive off. When all was said and done, though, his Mail Boss security mailbox was unscathed… all…

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Another Mail Boss Survives High Speed Collision

It has happened again: Another incredible tale of Mail Boss survival! (Though we aren’t really that surprised anymore… Mail Boss durability is just a thing now). This time, a White Mail Boss was hit at high speeds by a truck. As usual, the Mounting Plate got a bit mangled. But in this case, the customer…

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Sky Ranch HOA MailBoss Testimonial

A few years back, we did a custom job for the Sky Ranch Homeowner Association in California. They installed the Mail Boss Curbside mailboxes in white on a custom winged bracket with the standard Mail Boss In Ground Post. Luckily, we saved a few of those special winged brackets, because this mailbox-duo was *almost* totally…

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UPDATE: Package Master Online in All Colors

Here’s a quick update! We finally have the Package Master locking mailbox in stock and ready to purchase online. Phew!! It’s been quite the process, but they’re here and they look great! We currently have the Package Master in black, granite, white and galaxy (new) in our warehouse, and bronze will be in within a…

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