Mail Boss Struck Again and Survives

Once again, the Mail Boss wins a brutal urban fight. Today we received an email from David J. in Pinetown, NC who wrote to tell us how his Mail Boss was struck by a pick-up truck. Although the set-up and flag weren’t quite as fortunate in condition after this full contact hit, the mailbox continues to serve it’s purpose perfectly.

David included a photo of his mailbox after it was reinstalled for us to share. A picture is worth a thousand words — see for yourself how Mail Boss withstood the impact of this collision:

FordRangerPickUpCollisionMail Boss Testimonial Car Collision


Here’s a photo of the mailbox after I re-installed it today.

The mailbox was installed in concrete around the post.

A Ford Ranger pick-up truck hit the mailbox earlier this week. The truck knocked the mailbox over and pulled the mailbox and the base concrete out of the ground. The front of the truck ended up on the mailbox and the concrete around the post base was jammed up under the truck behind the right front wheel. The bottom of the truck sustained some scrapes from the concrete. They removed the truck by pulling it backwards off the mailbox. As the truck was pulled off the mailbox and post, the mailbox stood up momentarily then fell back to the ground.

Note the scratches on the side of the post and note the tip of the flag broken. There is also a very small bent spot on the side just above the “7” that I straightened with a hammer so the door would open without rubbing.

I wiped the dirt off and re-installed the box and post.

This mailbox is indestructible!

Thanks for the replacement flag.

David J.

Thank you David for sharing with us your personal Mail Boss experience! If any of you have similar stories, we’d love to hear them!

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