Not So “White” Mail Manager Mailboxes on Clearance

The Mail Boss “white” isn’t even white to begin with; it’s more of a cream. But when we received a shipment of 250 “white” Mail Managers this week, we noticed something was off. The usual white (cream) looked a little…. pink. Next to a “white” post, you could call this oopsies finish sand.

color swatch white vs white dk

Well, many people like to use a matching post with their mailbox, and we just don’t have any posts that will match these sand Mail Managers. So, we decided to pull these sand toned mailboxes from regular inventory and offer them on clearance for 30% off.

To save 30% on a Mail Manager, consider this sand colored unit! It really is a lovely color… it’s just not quite white.


And finally, on a related note, if you have ordered a White Mail Manager lately and it looks a little (okay a lot) dark, please contact us so we can get you a replacement. Unless you like the sandy pinkish huge… then by all means, enjoy!

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