Sky Ranch HOA MailBoss Testimonial

A few years back, we did a custom job for the Sky Ranch Homeowner Association in California. They installed the Mail Boss Curbside mailboxes in white on a custom winged bracket with the standard Mail Boss In Ground Post.

Luckily, we saved a few of those special winged brackets, because this mailbox-duo was *almost* totally destroyed after being hit by a car at high speed. As you can see, the post and the brackets were totally mangled.


As we have come to expect, though, the Mail Boss mailboxes themselves were relatively unscathed.

In fact, Deborah from Sky Ranch HOA’s management company reports that they intend to reuse the Mail Boss mailboxes (perhaps with a bit of touch up paint). They just need new mounting plates, winged brackets, and a post.

If this collision had happened with a standard mailbox, or even another locking mailbox, the boxes almost certainly would have been totally destroyed. As we have shared before, the reason the Mail Boss locking mailbox are able to withstand serious accidental and deliberate damage is due to the special patented design of the Fast Trak Mounting Plate.

If you have a story of mailbox vandalism to share, please contact us!

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