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Posts Tagged ‘vandal resistance’

MailBoss: The Mailbox Baseball Cure

Stop Mailbox Baseball Vandalism with the Durable Mail Boss Mailbox For those of you looking to establish a baseball bat cemetery in your front yard, look no further! Mail Boss security mailboxes will manifest your suburban revenge fantasy. Bolt down a post mount Mailboss and expect zero buyer’s remorse. Your purchase will have mailbox vandals limping…

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MailBoss Put to the MAC Truck Test

Durable Mail Boss design passes with flying colors Epoch Design proudly touts the quality design, superior strength and cratsmanship of the Mail Boss Locking Security mailbox. For anyone who questions just how strong and rugged our mailbox really is, we thought we’d show you. After all, a picture (or three) is worth a thousand words!…

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Pumpkin no match for Mail Boss, says Ken in NJ

Ken in Chesterfield New Jersey was pleasantly surprised when his mailbox was the only one to survive a recent bout of vandalism in the neighborhood. All the mailboxes in the neighborhood were destroyed, apparently by 15 lb pumpkins hurled at 35 mph. But not Ken’s mailbox! Ken, you see, has a Mail Boss. His flag…

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The Ultimate Bat-Buster Mailbox

You know the Mail Boss is virtually vandal-proof and has no problem standing up to a baseball bat. Well Larry from Walla Walla set out to create the Ultimate Bat-Buster Mailbox and we think he has succeeded! He started with the Mail Boss – that’s 40 pounds of electro-galvanized welded steel! Then, he used 1/2″…

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Just for Fun: Happy July 4th from Mail Boss!

When the smoke settles Tuesday, think of Mail Boss! We hope everyone has a happy, safe and fun-filled Independence Day. Just remember, if you happen to be victims of a July 4th prank gone awry and your mailbox needs replacement come Tuesday, don’t replace it with another tin shoebox on the side of the road.…

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Mail Boss Baseball Bat Demo

This fall, Mahoney’s Building Supply in Mattapoisett Massachusetts hosted their annual Fall Extravaganza featuring our very own Mail Boss mailbox in a “Baseball Bat Challenge”. To demonstrate the durability of the Mail Boss, they put out one of our mailboxes with a Mahoney’s gift certificate for $200 inside of it, and invited guests to take…

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Mail Boss Foils Vandals Says David in CA

This week, we received an phone call from a Mail Boss customer who had recently been the victim of mailbox vandalism. Apparently, someone attempted to steal his locking mailbox by strapping it to a truck and trying to drive off. When all was said and done, though, his Mail Boss security mailbox was unscathed… all…

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