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Mail Boss Multi-Box Steel Plank Installation

Mail Boss – On the Front Line! As you know, we love to see our customers satisfied with their brand new Mail Boss, and hearing their story. Recently Jack M. sent us some photos of his newly installed Mail Bosses, and we thought we’d share with you! Here’s the letter he wrote us: Here are…

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Photo: Mail Boss Package Installation

We received this gorgeous shot of a 2-Box Mail Boss Package install in New Windsor, New York from Elise, who raved about how easy it was to install, even as an elderly woman. Elise didn’t think that mail theft was a problem in her community, but then one day she found her mail strewn along…

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Photo: Mail Boss Mailbox Apartment

We received this photo of a beautiful custom Mailbox Apartment, or a Mail Boss Apartment, as it were. Mark Johnson shared: Custom “Mail Boss Apartment” In Service date September 5, 2014 House numbers blurred out for privacy Shed roof minimizes Apartment size while allowing flag use Fast-Trak Mounting Plate secured to plywood base with carriage…

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Photo: Mail Manager 2-Box Package in Bronze

Richard shared this photo of a 2-Box Mail Manager Mailbox Installation. It looks amazing! Richard raves: “A total package, bronze Mail Managers, Spreader Bar and Post. A very handsome package if I do say so myself. We are very pleased with the look of the new bronze color being offered in the Mail Manager. The…

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Photo: Granite 2-Box Mail Boss Package

Thank you to James and Tommy in Portland for sharing this photo of a Multi-Unit Mail Boss Mailbox Package Installation. This set up includes a Surface Mount Post and Base Plate, a 2-Box Spreader Bar, and two Mail Boss Locking Security Mailboxes in Granite. To have your Mail Boss photo featured in our #MyMailBoss Customer…

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PHOTO: Mixed Mail Boss Mailbox Installation

Steve and his neighbors were sick of having their cluster mailboxes broken into, so they decided to get together and install a multi-box Mail Boss mailbox installation to key the mail thieves at bay, once and for all. They all wanted a secure curbside mailbox, but they wanted different Mail Boss models and colors. The…

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Sky Ranch HOA MailBoss Testimonial

A few years back, we did a custom job for the Sky Ranch Homeowner Association in California. They installed the Mail Boss Curbside mailboxes in white on a custom winged bracket with the standard Mail Boss In Ground Post. Luckily, we saved a few of those special winged brackets, because this mailbox-duo was *almost* totally…

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“Wise Inexpensive Investment”

Mail Manager Handles Prying with Crowbar John and his neighbors in Snohomish purchased a bank of Mail Manager mailboxes to prevent mail theft. Soon after, a determined thief attempted to pry open the first Mail Manager in the bank, but was unsuccessful in doing so. The thief managed to do a little damage to the…

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Gang Plank Installation

For Mounting more than 4 MailBoss Mailboxes, use a Gang Plank!

When you need to mount more than 4 MailBoss locking mailboxes in a line, you have two options: (1) You can order additional MailBoss posts and spreader bars; or (2) You can mount these additional security mailboxes on a gang plank.

A gang plank is a level wooden structure that should be strong enough support, secure and protect as many mailboxes as can fit on its surface length. Many people attach roofs to these gang planks to minimize the impact of various environmental conditions on the surfaces of their mailboxes and the gang plank.

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