Mailbox replacement, the easy way

There are a lot of reason why customers upgrade to the Mail Boss product. One is security, another is durability. When choosing a new mailbox, a big question customers have is how difficult it will be to replace your mailbox. This is a valid concern given how difficult some mailboxes are to install. Probably one…

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Curbside Comparison: Accepts Packages

Do you receive small packages in the mail such as prescriptions or books? If so, you will want a secure locking mailbox that accepts packages. The size of package that a locking mailbox accepts is limited by the size and design of the incoming mail area. The two most common incoming mail designs are the…

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VIDEO: Mail Manager Withstands Prying

The new Mail Manager might be smaller than the Mail Boss, but it’s still one tough mailbox. We put the Mail Manager to the test just to see exactly how secure it is: The video really speaks for itself, but we’re very pleased with how the Mail Manager stands up to minutes of prying with…

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Why Steel?

Steel Mailboxes Offer Superior Quality and Security

The best material to use in a true security locking mailboxes is heavy-duty galvanized powder-coated steel. When you really think about it, this is no surprise. When is the last time you saw an aluminum or plastic bank vault? Have you ever heard a manufacturer of safes or locks taut the security virtues of aluminum or plastic? Of course not. Many so called “security locking mailboxes” are made of thin (18-22 gauge) metal, aluminum, and even plastic…

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Column Installation

Installing your MailBoss in a Decorative Column or Gate Post

The Mail Boss curbside locking mailbox can be installed into a decorative column or gate post quite easily. With the patent-pending Fast-Trak mounting plate, it is much more convenient to install the MailBoss within a column or post than it is to install competitors’ locking mailboxes.

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Mail Manager Now Available in White

Our newest mailbox the Mail Manager has been hugely popular, but one thing that we’ve been asked time and time again is why it isn’t available in any color besides black. Well, ask and you shall receive! The Mail Manager is now available in the White finish, too.

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Mail Boss Foils Vandals Says David in CA

This week, we received an phone call from a Mail Boss customer who had recently been the victim of mailbox vandalism. Apparently, someone attempted to steal his locking mailbox by strapping it to a truck and trying to drive off. When all was said and done, though, his Mail Boss security mailbox was unscathed… all…

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Incoming Mail Slot Feature

Mail Boss Mailbox Features High Capacity Mail Storage

The USPS approved Mail Boss Curbside security locking mailbox features an opening that is 10 ¼” W x 1 7/8” H. The slot for incoming mail is large enough to allow a new box of checks, small packages, and magazines. Phonebooks, small prescription packages, and other mail parcels are also among the many items that will fit into the slot on the large-capacity MailBoss Curbside security locking mailbox.

The interior of the mailbox can hold days of mail safely. With storage dimensions of 18” deep x 11” wide x 7” tall, the Mail Boss can protect your mail for extended periods of time. The large capacity of the locking mailboxes from the Mail Boss are designed to support individuals who get their mail every day as well as individuals who travel often and are not able to collect their mail regularly.

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Curbside Comparison: Hand Fishing Resistance

Hand fishing refers to reaching into a locking mailbox and removing mail by hand. Locking mailboxes typically have either a slot design with mail deposited through an incoming mail slot, or a bin design with mail and packages placed in a bin and deposited inside the mailbox when the bin is closed. The vulnerability of…

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