VIDEO: Mail Manager Withstands Prying

The new Mail Manager might be smaller than the Mail Boss, but it’s still one tough mailbox. We put the Mail Manager to the test just to see exactly how secure it is:

The video really speaks for itself, but we’re very pleased with how the Mail Manager stands up to minutes of prying with a screwdriver and a crowbar!

In the words of Vice President John DeRaspe, “It’s ruined, but nobody is getting the mail!”

The Mail Manager, made of 14- and 16-gauge electrogalvanized welded steel and reinforced with the patented chrome-alloy steel cam latch locking mechanism, is no joke. We think it’s safe to say, your mail is safe in the Mail Manager.


  1. Marcia R Crew on April 11, 2016 at 4:50 pm

    I have searched for quite some time for what I needed in a mailbox & when I saw this huge bronze (that matches my wrought iron fencing I was thrilled. It’s taken some time to get it installed but I am very pleased with my choice & how secure it is cemented into the ground.

    For three years I have struggled with the USPS cluster boxes that could not hold all my mail & the mail was bent, crushed & over-stuffed to where I had a terrible time getting my mail out. The worst part is that I am disabled so my neighbors would get my mail but if they didn’t the mailman would take all my mail back to the post office & no longer deliver any mail. This should all now be resolved!!

  2. Phillip on April 13, 2017 at 11:36 am

    Regardiing your “Mail Manager Withstands Prying” video, What stops the thief from hooking a pry tool in the lower right corner of the box and peeling back the skin (side) to gain access to the mail? I noticed in your photos of a pry attempt in Santa Fe, the lower right corner looked like it started to peel open. However, I can’t tell, in either the photo or the video, if that is just an outer skin or the actual side of the box. I ask because I am getting ready to purchase a new mail box and Mail Manager is at the top of my list.

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