Column Installation

Installing your MailBoss in a Decorative Column or Gate Post

gallery_1The MailBoss curbside locking mailbox can be installed into a decorative column or gate post quite easily. With the patent-pending Fast-TrakTM mounting plate, it is much more convenient to install the MailBoss within a column or post than it is to install competitors’ locking mailboxes.

The two easy steps consist of:

(1) Bolt down the “Fast-Trak” easy installation mounting plate to the column.

(2) Slide the Curbside Mail Boss on the tracks.

The convenience and ease of this system allow the Curbside Mail Boss to be installed as well as removed with little effort, and without damaging the column or gate post.

The Electro galvanized steel construction of the MailBoss, combined with its durable powder-coated finish, ensure a long life for your Mail Boss mailbox, regardless of whether it’s installed on a mounting post or in a decorative column.These features allow for no concerns about deterioration of the Mail Boss curbside locking mailbox.

Because the curbside Mail Boss has a clean, square design, it allows for simple column installation. If you are either cutting into an existing column or building a new one, there is no hassle with figuring out awkward dimensions (credit jerome). Perfect cut out dimensions for the Curbside Mail Boss are:

  • Width: 11 ¼”
  • Depth: 19”
  • Height: 13 ¾”

The curbside locking MailBoss mailbox also comes with the necessary accessories such as a removable flag that can be remounted on the column.It also comes in four attractive colors to match any column that you may be using for mounting.The Mail Boss curbside locking mailbox is a perfect choice for column installation to bring you the security and style that you are looking for with your column post.

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