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B2B Print Advertising: “Everybody’s doing it.”

Epoch Design was asked to be featured in the June 26 issue of Home Improvement Executive, with a special report on Innovations in Mailboxes. The catch, of course, was that we would also need to advertise ($$$). Generally, we do not spend much on print advertising, instead focusing marketing monies and efforts online as well […]


Mail Theft Monday – 6/7/10

Couple indicted in mail theft Texarkana Gazette – 6/3/10 (TEXARKANA, ARKANSAS) “Federal indictments were handed down last week for a man and woman accused of conspiring to steal mail from residents in Texarkana, Ark. Justin Lovell, 24, and Starla Richardson, 30, are accused of snatching envelopes from residential mailboxes that contained checks written against the […]

Newcastle CA Mail Identity Theft

If you live in or nearby Newcastle California or the Sacramento area, it’s time to get a locking mailbox! You may already know that mail thieves have been prowling the neighborhoods stealing mail from unlocked mailboxes and gathering victims’ personal information, credit cards, identification and more. Although police officers have finally detained 4 suspects (shown […]

Dealer of the Week – Junction True Value

West Seattle True Value features the Mail Boss locking mailbox Mail theft is on the rise nationwide, and Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna has acknowledged that while mail theft used to be relatively uncommon, it is now a common method for perpetuating identity theft in Washington state. Residents of West Seattle are not immune to […]