Mail Boss Endcaps in Hardware Retail Stores

Mail Boss Dealers Leveraging Point of Purchase End Caps to Drive Sales

This Friday, instead of doing a Dealer of the Week feature, we are showcasing Mail Boss displays from the retail stores of some of our valued Mail Boss retail partners. These Point of Purchase endcap displays feature merchandising materials designed to inform consumers and drive sales conversions.

Stayton Ace Hardware and Pearl Hardware


These Mail Boss dealers both dedicate endcaps to the Mail Boss product, and have the sales to show for it! Their endcap displays include informational posters, the Mail Boss display as well as product for sale. Stayton Ace Hardware (shown left) is located in Stayton, Oregon and Pearl Hardware (shown right) is based in Portland.

Verde Valley Ace Hardware and Park Rose True Valley


Verde Valley Ace Hardware (left) and Park Rose True Valley (right) both incorporate TVs into their end cap POP displays to further emphasize the Mail Boss message to consumers. These TVs play the Mail Boss POP DVD, a 2-3 minute video introducing the Mail Boss locking mailbox as fundamental to mail identity theft prevention. Verde Valley Ace Hardware, based in Cotton Wood, Arizona, and Park Rose True Valley, with stores in Vancouver, WA and Portland, were both formerly Dealer of the Week. View their respective articles here and here.

Sammamish Ace Hardware and AgriShop


Sammamish Ace Hardware (left) and AgriShop (right) both incorporate LCD players in their Mail Boss Point of Purchase displays. These motion sensor LCD players feature the same DVD as a POP TV, but are only activated when a customer walks nearby. Ace Hardware located on the Sammamish plateau in Washington, (featured previously as Dealer of the Week here), utilizes a traditional end cap display. AgriShop, (featured previously as Dealer of the Week here), caters more to lawn and garden products and does not have traditional end cap space; they manage to place the Mail Boss display in attractive retail space, nonetheless.

Canby Ace Hardware and Ace Heritage Hardware


Like AgriShop, Canby Ace Hardware (left) and Ace Heritage Hardware (right) have set up attractive Mail Boss Point of Purchase displays despite some space limitations. Canby Ace, based in Canby Oregon, has chosen to place the for-sale product and TV POP in the end cap, and the Mail Boss display on the adjacent floor space. Ace Heritage Hardware, based in Sandy Oregon, has set aside empty floor space to create a sort of stand-alone end cap to market the Mail Boss.


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