VP Corner: I Just Don’t Get It!

I just don’t understand. The more I read and hear about identity theft, the more I see that a very large portion of this huge problem stems from mail theft. Yet, very few people out there advise the public to use a secure locking mailbox.

Is there some sort of conspiracy going on in the government and the general media to withhold information regarding how to protect yourself from identity theft? Is the United States Postal Service (USPS) trying to prevent consumers from using other means of communication and transport of documents? These government and media entities advise you to shred sensitive information you receive from your mailbox. Why wouldn’t they advise you to buy a security locking mailbox? Are thieves more likely to rifle through your trash or simply walk by and steal incoming/outgoing mail from your unsecured mailbox? I don’t know which method you would choose, but I would choose to keep my hands clean rather than risk my hand getting stuck in a dirty diaper or used tissue. As my 4 year old son would say “NAAAASSSSTY!”.

Why do people who have knowledge that mail theft happens all the time, in every nook and cranny of our country, not just take the jump, do a little research, and buy a secure locking mailbox? I know why. It is the same reason that you put off fixing that leaky toilet, or finishing that “To Do” list. We are all inherently lazy to one extreme or another. Sure, we get bursts of energy and get some things done, but we never really get caught up. “Installing that mailbox this Saturday doesn’t sound like fun to me”! Waah! Get over it and protect yourself before you have to put in serious time and money that identity theft will cost you.

What if I told you that you could literally install the Mail Boss Security Locking Mailbox on a pre-existing post or gang plank in less than 10 minutes? It’s true! With our Fast-TrakTM Mounting Plate that comes with every curbside MailBoss mailbox, installation is a snap! And your MailBoss comes with EVERYTHING you will need except the drill used to make the holes in order to mount it to wooden structure. Yes, it comes with the drill bit, the reflective numbers, the lag bolts… it’s all included!

Now that you know this, is it something you want to keep on your “To Do” list? I think not!


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