Thefts from “Secure” Mailboxes in Oregon

KATU News reports a string of mail thefts in Sandy, Oregon

A rash of mail thefts has people concerned. One woman knew there was a problem when she found her mailbox empty and other people’s mail laying nearby.

Some residents found their “locking mailboxes” pried open. Others found their mailbox locks had been cut off. All of the mailboxes in the area were targeted.

The unsecured curbside mailboxes simply had their mail removed, while the “secure” mailboxes were either bent or pried open.

One resident says “Our mailbox has a lock on it, but they took a pry-bar and popped it.”

It was not a pretty scene: mail was strewn laying on the ground. Homeowners found stacks of other people’s junk mail, but all of the important mail (credit card statements, bills, etc.) had been taken. Not knowing what the vandals took, identity theft is a big worry.

When asked what she’ll do next, one Sandy homeowner says, “Make it a little bit stronger and hope for the best.”

Our response: Why “hope” when you can have Peace of Mind?

Most OTHER LOCKING MAILBOXES are not secure. They can be pried open easily in just seconds. Some homeowners think simply having any locking mailbox is a deterrent to mail thieves. But more and more frequently, crooks are targeting “locking” mailboxes… perhaps because they think people are less vigilant about checking their locking mailbox regularly.

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