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“Locking Mailboxes Are Not Secure Mailboxes”

Customer thankful that Mail Manager is more secure than other locking mailboxes Happy Mail Boss customer Pat emailed us to say that locking mailboxes are not secure mailboxes, and give thanks for the secure Mail Manager product and excellent customer service. After purchasing a lower quality locking mailbox, she did her research and decided to […]


OOPS: Pike Co. Water Authority Mailbox Proves Easy Target, Hundreds of Customers’ Bill Payments Stolen

FACT Act requires secure disposal but not receipt of consumer information? Many federal, state and local laws and regulations have been implemented to protect the privacy of consumers and businesses alike. From the Federal Privacy Act, which requires government entities to protect information of individuals and business, to HIPAA, which mandates the proper storage and […]

Just for Fun – There, I Fixed It!

Apparently, desperate times call for desperate measures There, I Fixed It is a humorous site that celebrates “iconic images of mankind’s eternal struggle to hammer square pegs into round holes (with duct tape.)” If you haven’t already done so, I highly recommend you check it out if you’re in need of a good laugh, and […]

Thefts from “Secure” Mailboxes in Oregon

KATU News reports a string of mail thefts in Sandy, Oregon A rash of mail thefts has people concerned. One woman knew there was a problem when she found her mailbox empty and other people’s mail laying nearby. Some residents found their “locking mailboxes” pried open. Others found their mailbox locks had been cut off. […]

Homeowner Says: “Beware! MailSafe NOT Secure”

A few days ago, Janet from Sammamish Washington left an interesting comment on one of our blog posts titled “Other Locking Mailboxes: Part I.” Interestingly, she wrote in to tell others about her Curbside Mailsafe by Solar Group, one of the locking mailboxes reviewed in that post. Janet’s comment: After our mail had been stolen […]

LA Times Columnist Mail-ID Theft Victim

Writes, “Identity theft hits close to home: When someone steals your mail, it’s a whole new worrisome world” Los Angeles Times columnist Pat Morrison has taken every precaution (or so she thought) to protect herself from becoming a victim of identity theft. She “covered all the bases” including using a paper shredder religiously and never […]

Just for Fun- Mailbox Fail!

FAILBlog provides funny FAIL mailbox pic According to FAILBlog, this is a Mailbox Fail! In terms of security, however, it is just as good as the next mailbox… that is, if you don’t have a security locking mailbox. So, if you’re not interested in protecting yourself against mail-identity theft and you need a new unsecured […]