Testimonial: Mail Boss vs. Heavy Machinery

What happens when a Mail Boss locking mailbox is struck by a piece of heavy machinery being unloaded from a trailer? Not much, thanks to the innovative design of the Fast-Trak Mounting Plate.


Here’s another testimonial praising the construction and design of the Mail Boss, this one hailing from Grant in Tacoma. He writes:

My Mail Boss Curbside box was hit by a piece of heavy machinery that was being unloaded from a trailer. The box was undamaged except for small scratch, but the impact of the blow bent the mounting bracket, causing the box to tilt to the side. I called Epoch Design and they immediately sent me new bracket free of charge. It arrived two days later, and with a simple 15 minute repair my box was as good as new.

I was impressed with the toughness of the box to withstand what must have been a very heavy blow. I was even more impressed with the customer service that allowed me to get my box fixed so quickly.

Grant Gardner

Tacoma, Washington

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