MailBoss Hit and Run

It’s another tale of mailbox survival! This one is from Stephen, whose Mail Boss mailbox was the victim of a hit-and-run car accident.

What happened when Stephen’s mailbox was hit by a car? Well, not a whole lot! Here is Stephen’s email along with pictures from the hit-and-run accident:

MB-HitRun-7MB-HitRun-1  MB-HitRun-3  MB-HitRun-5 MB-HitRun-6

Hi Mail Boss Customer Service Representative,

My Mail Boss 7108 was hit and run by a vehicle over the weekend and I discovered it on Monday.

The Mail Boss was NOT dislodged from the base plate but the impact caused some damage to the base plate and to the mailbox.

Attached are the pictures.

I want to get a warranty replacement for my damaged mail boss.

Please advise.



While the Mail Boss warranty officially excludes accidental or deliberate damage, we still like to take care of our customers. In this case, we sent Stephen a new Fast-Trak Mounting Plate to help with the alignment, and provided a recommendation for some good Rustoleum to cover up the defects in the powder-coat.

Stephen’s mailbox is almost good as new now, and didn’t need to be replaced even after being hit by a car! Now that’s something you don’t hear all that often. Unless you work at Mail Boss… then you hear that quite a bit!

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