Mail thief uses USPS Informed Delivery in identity theft scam.

Most people assume that signing up for USPS informed delivery will add a certain level of protection for consumers wishing to prevent mail and identity theft, however one clever criminal found a way to beat the system.

According to a new report “Are you a victim? Mail ID theft arrest prompts warning from Hamilton Co. D.A.” from ABC News channel 9 Chattanooga Jennifer Shrum of Hamilton County Tennessee fraudulently signed up for the Informed Delivery service in her victims names, and would schedule her mail theft based on the scanned images the USPS sent to her email address. This allowed her to covertly intercept specific packages and credit cards which she illegally ordered or opened in her victim’s names. This isn’t even the first time she’s run a scam like this. Shrum has a history of mail theft having been charged with 17 counts of identity theft just 3 years ago, this however apparently didn’t dissuade her as it appears she has simply evolved her scam with the use of even more complex methods of thievery.

Jennifer Shrum of Hamilton County Tennessee has been charged with over 17 counts of identity theft in just 3 years.

“If you notice any odd changes with your mail service, such as strange mail or even not getting mail, you need to be suspicious,” said General Pinkston. “You should check your bank accounts and credit reports regularly and if you discover transactions you didn’t make, contact your local police department immediately.”

-Hamilton County District Attorney General Neal Pinkston

In 2017, nearly 16.7 million people had their identities stolen by thieves who unlawfully accessed their personal and financial information. Once your personal information is in the hands of a scammer, you could lose your money, your good credit rating, and your overall financial health.

“It can sometimes take years to financially recover from identity theft,” said THP Colonel Matt Perry. “Please monitor your financial records closely, and report any unauthorized transactions to local law enforcement.”

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