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We’re pretty proud of the level of construction and quality that we put into our secure mailboxes, but it’s always a compliment whenever we’re recognised as someone’s choice for “Best Locking Mailbox 2021” Thank you Best Tools Brand for your thorough reviews of our Mail Manager, Mail boss, and Olympus drop box! Check out the highlights and excerpts from Isabella Rosse‘s review below; or shop now:

Secure Your Deliveries – Best Locking Mailbox [2021 Guide]

Secure Your Deliveries – Best Locking Mailbox [2021 Guide]

By Isabella Rosse

What if an essential document, letter, or financial paper is lost or stolen from your letterbox? Consequences can sometimes be dire! So, it is your foremost duty to ensure the maximum safety of those documents outside the door. And, nothing can do this better than a secure and heavy-duty locking mailbox, no matter it’s a residence or office.

Why You Still  Need Mailbox in Crowd of Modern Communication Systems?

Some of us might be skeptical about the necessity of a mailbox on the outside of their house.

The email has been the most convenient way of communication already. There are local post offices too. Why then do you need a top-notch anti-theft mailbox? You can ask the question for sure, and there are specific answers.

Did you ever notice that not all the letters are sent through email?

Some are delivered via the postal services. But, it might be hard for the letterbox to accommodate the urgent documents in the multitude of house notifications, and it might be lost or stolen.

With a best-quality anti-theft mailbox, you will not only get the letters and documents ideally stored but also secure from being theft.

Best Selection

Mail Boss 7506 Mail Manager Locking Security Mailbox

Never forget when a product stays on the market for more than a decade and receives continuous user appreciation, it does that with the proven features, performance, and total attributes. 

A high volume of positive impressions from users is a clear sign that the product is top-notch and user-oriented. However, there are still many facts. Considering all those facts and other related issues, we have decided to place the Mail Boss 7506 Security Mailbox at the top of our best locking mailbox list.

Construction: Strong and Durable

The Mail Boss 7506 is a high-security mailbox with proven quality to prevent the mail-identity theft. 16 and 14 gauge galvanized welded steel make the box strong and firm!

The firmness is a reason why we consider it over others as there is a severe prevalence of mail theft.

The Mail Boss 7506 unit is a USPS approved locking mailbox, which is not clear in terms of Gibraltar. While testing, we tried to find out the issue but were unable to collect the information either from Gibraltar’s website or from other sources.

As we are not sure about this approval, we can not give full marks to the second option. But you should not think that the ‘Gibraltar Stanley’ is very poor in quality! It is just one step down to our top selection ‘Mail Boss 7506’ concerning strength.

Let’s come to the Mail Boss 7506 again. Concerning strength, we can keep this mailbox parallel to two or three other mailboxes in our list. But, when we compare other facts, they go one or more steps down from the top selection.

The electro galvanized welded steel has made the Mail Manager Wall Mount Locking Mailbox break-free! A thief or trespasser cannot break it down even by hitting with a sledge hammer. You will hardly see any dent in the 7506’s body.

Incoming and Opening

There are two different input and output mechanisms – one opening is for incoming mails and the other one for taking them out.

For real security, the door is made with the innovative baffle door design. It accepts the mail or mail bundles or other small packages and prevents fishing as well.

The mail carrier puts the mail into the incoming door while delivering, and no keys are necessary.

The incoming part of the door has adequate space for putting a small package. But, the opening is tough to deal  with unless you have the key. It’s so small that you can’t even enter your finger in it to pull back the envelope or other documents!

Any forceful entry is prevented with the patented locking mechanism “anti-pry latch”.

Usually, the Mail Boss incorporates this feature in most of its products. You can find such a brilliant mechanism in some other mailboxes, but they will be more expensive than this one.

The incoming part has adequate space for a small package. For safety, the opening is too small, and people can not even enter their fingers into the opening from outside for pulling an envelope back.

Another fantastic feature of this mailbox is that it can’t be opened forcefully with a piece of blunt equipment. The company has employed an anti-pry latch design in this product.

High Security Locking Mechanism

The unit is equipped with a commercial-grade high-security wafer lock mechanism with three keys. It is another reason why we call it the safest mailbox available out there on the market.

Anybody will find it nearly impossible to break the commercial-grade lock, they have to use the keys instead. It does not mean you won’t take enough care of it! You should look after the unit always and keep in a secure place close to your eyes or supervision. In terms of locking mechanism, the locking mechanism of 7506 is somewhat advanced from most of the mailboxes of our list except for two or three, including the high-end Salsbury Industries 3407S-1PGRY and Mail Boss 7106.

User Impression, Pricing, Warranty and Others

If you see the user impression, it will amaze you, literally!

Users are highly satisfied with the unit!

They are well-known as the best locking mailbox residential unit. Thousands of user appreciations (positive) given on different retailer sites are visible proof! While researching, we have found that it received satisfactory reviews from the users, which is undeniably high!

It requires no mounting plate, and the stainless steel hinges have made it an easy-to-use unit. It comes with a vandal-resistant flag, floor liner, and necessary installation hardware.

It comes in 4 different colors- Black, Granite, Bronze, and White in addition to 21″D x 11.25″H x 10.75″W dimensions and 23 lbs. weight for each of them.

When you come to the price point, this might seem to be a bit more!

But, we guarantee you that you can hardly find such a brilliant option with these services at this price tag!

Last but not least, there is a Lifetime Limited Warranty, which is exceptional! It will ensure the peace of mind of the users as it indicates the high-confidence of the manufacturer about the mailbox’s strength, security, and durability.

We have several high-end and expensive models in our list, but they could not grab the best position just because of the overall attributes of the Mail Boss 7506. We recommend it because it is so far, so good

Best Selection

Mail Boss 7106 Epoch Curbside Locking Mailbox 

The Epoch 7106 MailBoss Curbside Locking Mailbox is one of the latest anti-theft boxes equipped with advanced technology. A good number of user-friendly features have made it a widely popular choice among buyers.

We have said it earlier that the Epoch Mail Boss 7106 could have been the second best choice if it was a less expensive product! Even if the price were similar or a bit higher to the second best choice, we could enlist it as the second best option instead of the current 3rd position. But, there is no reason for what it can miss capturing the 3rd place.

Structural Beauty: Strength and Durability

The electro-galvanized 12 and 14 gauge steel is stronger than the 14 and 16 gauge steel. That means it’s firmer than the top listed Mail Boss 7506. In our list, another mailbox is made of 12 and 14 gauge steel named the Mail Boss 7206 Package Master.

The steel withstands the weather, impact, and vandalism.

If you depend on the 14 and 16 gauge previous mailboxes, then you should not think for the second time to depend on this unit if material sturdiness is the most priority. The steel is quite durable that ensures the endurance and long-lasting protection of the mailbox. The powder-coated finish looks shiny and protects the main unit from wet and water-related corrosion.

The Epoch Mail Boss 7106 is a USPS approved locking mailbox.

 Can you remember what we said about the Mail Manager? It was- “It’s break-free! A thief or trespasser cannot break it down even by hitting with a sledgehammer.

You will hardly see any dent in the 7506’s body.” Be sure that this one is stronger and more reliable than that box. Although it’s a bit higher in cost, it’s tougher as well.

Adequate Space and Locking Safety

The beautiful box comes in 21” x 11.2” x 13.8” dimensions. It ensures adequate space for accommodating the mails for up to four weeks. It might vary depending on the amount of mailing continuity and load.

You can put mail bundles up to 1.9-inch height, and it includes a concealed outgoing mail tray.

It accepts the mail or mail bundles or other small packages (including 1.9-inch wide size magazines) and prevents fishing as well. The mail carrier just puts the mail into the incoming door while delivering, and no keys are necessary.

The incoming part of the door has adequate space for putting a small package. But, the opening is tough to deal unless you have the key.

It’s so small that you can’t even enter your finger in it to pull back the envelope or other documents! Any forceful entry is prevented with the patented locking mechanism “anti-pry latch”. Besides, it features a chrome-alloy tempered steel hook cam that ensures added safety.

The unit is equipped with a commercial grade high-security 12-disc wafer lock mechanism with three laser-cut keys. 

It is another reason why it’s called one of the safest mailboxes available out there on the market. It’s impossible to break the commercial grade lock even with a crowbar. It will help if you use the keys.

But, it doesn’t mean you will keep it without enough care! We highly suggest you take care of the unit always and keep in a secure place close to your eyes.


Epoch 7106 comes with the Fast Trak Mounting technology.

It’s a patented mechanism invented by the manufacturer “Mail Boss”. With the revolutionary mounting system, you can install the unit within a few minutes. It’s one of the best post mounted mailboxes. Everything is included required for the installation- drill bit, reflective house numbers, 3 keys, and mounting hardware. Follow the instructions and mount it without any hassle.

Anti-Identity Theft Specialty

Undeniably, the Mail Boss Curbside Locking Mailbox is going to be the best safeguard for you against the mail or identity theft.

 It’s more than strong and secure. Already you have got an idea about the strength.

The USPS approved it because of its quality to prevent the identity theft issue.

Lifetime Limited Warranty

The Epoch design is a symbol of quality craftsmanship. So, it comes with a limited lifetime warranty. To avail of the warranty, you have to provide the proof of purchase. The warranty covers any manufacturing flaw and moving parts failure under normal use.

They will either repair or replace as the case may be. Remember, you won’t get the warranty coverage for deliberate and/or accidental damage. It won’t also cover the damage done by misuse, rust, finishes, or improper installation.

You can contact them at 1 (800)-589-7990 (9-5 PST) and inform your issues. They consider the complaints case, by case and their customer support is excellent.

User Impression and Outlook

Actually, the first 3 mailboxes are pretty close to each other concerning the user certification.

All of them are literally well-appreciated by most of the users. As you have informed about the first two, let’s come to know about the 3rd one. The Epoch has received huge numbers of positive user feedback. Our analysis result shows that it has successfully received 4.5/4.6 points out of 5.

The rest of the 0.4/0.5 points does not necessarily tell about pure negativity.

Few users, who have said negatively about the product, told about their experience on minor faults of the unit. Undoubtedly, it’s been a widely popular user choice. The mailbox looks attractive.

 They are available in 4 different colors. You can buy your one from the Black, White, Bronze, and Granite colors according to your test and house outlook.

Mail Boss 7108 Curbside Security Locking Mailbox

As the name suggests, Mail Boss is the boss in the mailbox production industry. It produces mainly 4 different types of boxes- Curbside Mailboxes, Package Mailboxes, and Wall Mount Mailboxes.

The mail boss mailbox is believed to be the most secure and efficient. Each of the boxes and related accessories is produced in the USA. The Mail Boss 7108 Locking Curbside Mailbox is not an exception.

It’s an epoch design mailbox like the previous one ‘7106’.

It comes with entirely identical features like that one. So, an additional briefing is unnecessary. As you have seen the key features of the previous one, you should understand every basic. For your quick remembrance, the main features of the 7108 (similar to the 7106) are quoted here-

  • 21” x 11.2” x 13.8” dimensions with 39 pounds weight;
  • Curbside high security locking mailbox approved by the USPS;
  • Electro galvanized 12- and 14-gauge steel for strong and durable structure;
  • Anti-pry latch patented locking mechanism;
  • Leveraged entry preventive 12-wafer commercial grade disc lock;
  • Easy installation with the Fast-Trak Mounting Plate (patented);
  • Powder-coated finish along with stainless steel hinges ensure optimum weather resistance;
  • Includes 3 keys, drill bit, reflective house numbers, 4 lag bolts, and mounting hardware for installation;

What’s the difference between them? And, why has it been placed in number 4?

Answer is pretty simple. 7108 has a different color than 7106. It comes in Bronze color, where the 7106 is black.

Except for the color, there is no difference between them. For your kind information, there are two other numbers of the Epoch design mailbox- the Mail Boss 7105 (Granite color) and the Mail Boss 7107 (White color).

As the black are sold mostly, so we considered the 7106 topper than this one. We hope everything is clear to you.

Key Benefits

  • Strong and Durable;
  • Powder-coated finish;
  • Easy installation;
  • Enough mail storage space;
  • Anti-identity theft specialty;
  • Lifetime limited warranty;
  • Very positive user Impression;
  • Stylish outlook;

Mail Boss 7206 Package Master

The Mail Boss 7206 Package Master comes with nearly the same features as the Mail Manager 7506 and Mail Boss Curbside 7106. So, an additional briefing is unnecessary. As you have gone through the key features of the previous two, you should understand every basic.

You can check the analysis of these two. For your quick remembrance, the main features of the 7206 (similar to the 7106, and 7506) are quoted here-

  • Electro galvanized 12- and 14-gauge steel for strong and durable structure;
  • USPS approved high security locking mailbox Package Master;
  • Anti-pry latch patented locking mechanism;
  • Leveraged entry preventive 12-wafer commercial grade disc lock;
  • Easy installation with the Fast-Trak Mounting Plate (patented);
  • Powder-coated finish along with stainless steel hinges ensure optimum weather resistance;
  • Includes 3 keys, drill bit, reflective house numbers, 4 lag bolts, and mounting hardware for installation;
  • 21.5″D x 16.5″H x 12″W Dimensions and 53 lbs. weight;
  • Lifetime limited warranty;

Only a few things might be quoted new about it. Being a large unit weighing 53 pounds, it can accommodate a massive amount of couriers. The price of 7206 is than that of 7106 and 7506. But users have expressed their high-satisfaction with the unit. We could place it over those two, but for the higher-pricing, we refrained ourselves.

Key Benefits

  • Strong & durable structure;
  • Powder-coated finish;
  • Easy to install;
  • Enough mail storage space;
  • Anti-identity theft specialty;
  • Very positive user Impression;
  • Stylish outlook;
  • Lifetime limited warranty;

How to Select the Best Locking Mailboxes: Specific Guideline

You have already seen some of the top-notch locking mailboxes out there in the market. We have made the task easy for you by providing the list and analysis.

You can choose any of the listed options according to your necessity. Surely, they will provide your desired services more except for some exceptional scenarios.

How to choose the best mailbox or how to buy a mailbox is a common question that comes to the buyers’ mind when they start thinking of getting a high secure mailbox.

Although you have come to know about the best options, reading the following issues will increase your understanding more:

Types of Locking Mailboxes:  What Should You Buy?

There are mainly two different types of locking mailboxes available on the market.

They have specific differences. But, they are effective and efficient in their own ways. Both of them have different working areas and excellence.

The first one is the secure wall mount mailbox, which gets attached to your house or/and office wall, gate, or garage. They are small in size and can accommodate fewer mails. You can easily install or mount them to a specific place within a short time. Also, they cost a bit less than the curbside models.

On the other hand, the curbside locking mailbox is the second one, which is usually mounted on a post (specific or of any type) near your curb. The curbside mailboxes are large-sized, bulky, heavyweight, and they can accommodate a lot of couriers compared to the first type. They are sometimes called lockable post mount mailboxes.  

They cost more than the wall mount boxes. You might also need to think about a few other types like the white mailbox and vertical mailbox.

How do locking mailboxes work? Do both the categories have similar working processes? This question might come to you. Yes, their working procedure is nearly the same. They mostly differ from size, mounting place, price and structure, not the working procedure. 

What Type of mail Do You Get Usually?

Figure out the type of mail you usually get before you go to choose or buy a mailbox. For example, if you used to receive small letters, envelopes, and magazines, then you should not purchase a large hopper door or delivery door mailbox. You may avoid larger mailboxes too.

On the other hand, if you receive large deliveries like big magazines, books, big calendars, bundle parcels, etcetera, then you should avoid the small delivery door mailbox. At the same time, target the bigger size boxes too.

Mail Amount- How Much Do You Receive Regularly?

Space of the mailbox is a crucial factor to consider before you choose or buy it. Most of the mailboxes come in the market with spacious structure. With a specious structure, they can accommodate mails received regularly for at least 1 week.

Some of the boxes can provide accommodation up to 4 weeks continuously as they are big. Everything depends on the number of mails and other packages that you receive regularly. 

We enlisted the best mailboxes of the best manufacturing companies. Among them, the Mail Boss produces large size boxes, where Gibraltar produces the smaller size boxes.

Which Type of Material Do you Prefer?

Materials determine strength, durability, and security!

You will automatically lose the opportunity to get the highest strength and security so that the box doesn’t break-in when the unit is made of plastic. Contrary to this, if you prefer those mailboxes which are made of high quality and long-lasting galvanized steel, then you will get much more strength and durability automatically.

Budget: Always A Big Concern

This is always a vital consideration.

If money is no problem, we suggest you pick the most expensive as well as best quality product to buy.

If you have a small budget, you should emphasize cost-effectiveness. But, never compromise with the quality (as there are mail sensitivity and security issues) for a little monetary benefit.

How Does A Locking Mailbox Work?

Most mailboxes work similarly, of course, they have the same basic. They contain an incoming slot or door through which the postman drops your mails or other curriers. The door does not stay locked and is large enough to receive most of the letters and parcels unless way too big, but still small enough to allow a fishing hand inside.  

It is the most common way that a mailbox uses to prevent mail and identity theft. Modern locking boxes feature some additional mechanism, for instance, an anti-pry mechanism that prevents leveraged entry.

With an unlocking key, the mailbox owner opens the mail-removal door of the box and brings out the mails. You will find the removal-door in the front or rear side based on the mailbox model and style.

A piece of additional information for mailbox users is – you will get your incoming mails safe with a locking mailbox, but not the outgoing mails. Usually, outgoing mails are kept in a separate compartment, and that stays unlocked to make those available for postman or carrier. Thieves take the chance and steal the unprevented materials. To avoid the situation, you should use a USPS blue mailbox or take some additional measures. 

How Can I Change/Replace My Mailbox Lock?

You will find two different mailboxes – United States Postal Service Mailbox and Home/Apartment Owners Association Mailbox. Both of the locks are replaceable.

For the USPS Mailboxes, the local postal authority has the charge and responsibility of changing a mailbox lock. You have to request them formally, and they will fix the issue subject to their workforce and schedule. Usually, it will take 1 or 2 weeks, which will be longer if that is a holiday season.

When it comes to changing home or apartment owners association mailboxes, the responsibility does not go to the Govt. Postal Service. The association has an obligation, by their set rules, to do the job or supervise it. But most cases, you will have to do that by yourself with the help of a locksmith. If you rely on the association, that might cost you higher, and of course, would be slower.

Although responsibility goes to the owner or association, that does not mean anybody can temper the mailboxes, and these are still subject to the federal laws.

Is Destroying or Vandalizing a Mailbox a Federal Offense?

According to Title 18, Section 1705, United States Code, “Whoever willfully or maliciously injures, tears down or destroys any letter box or other receptacle intended or used for the receipt or delivery of mail on any mail route, or breaks open the same or willfully or maliciously injures, defaces or destroys any mail deposited therein, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.”

It confirms destroying or vandalizing a mailbox is a serious federal crime, and you must not do it anyway. If you need to break it or destroy it, please inform your local postal service first. Even if you commit any damage or destruction by mistake, notify the local authority or police immediately.

Can Mailbox Keys Be Duplicated?

Yes, and No – both are answers! You can duplicate the keys a mailbox as long as you own it, and there is no patented right from the manufacturer on duplication. It’s best if you don’t duplicate a key when the mailbox belongs to someone else.

Some high-security keys have patented and entirely restricted keyways. The manufacturers have control over any duplication of such keys as long as their parents are alive.

What if Your Mailbox is Smashed?

Destruction, vandalism, or smash of a mailbox is a serious federal crime. If you find your one broken, complain to the local authority or police immediately. Even if your mistake makes any such damage or destruction, do the same thing promptly.

How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Lock on a Mailbox?

You will find a lock even at $5, but the entire replacement may cost you an amount ranging from $30 to $60. The cost differs mainly because of the charging amount of the locksmith you hire.

Is it Illegal to Break into Your own Mailbox?

You are not allowed to open a mailbox when it belongs to USPS. Call them and let them break on their own. You may be charged with a federal crime if you do it yourself. You are requested to notify the local authority that you are going to break your mailbox when it is not a USPS box.

Concluding Remarks

Here we come to the end of our analysis. We tried to focus on every single issue  in the mailbox that might be necessary for our readers. Although mail theft or identity theft is not a big concern in many places around the world yet, it is one of the most common things in North America, and people are much more aware of it.

We tried our best, throughout the writeup, to give you an idea about which may be the best-possible mailbox for you from a vast number of available alternatives! We are not over-confident, but we think the listed units are efficient in their own ways, and you can rely on any of those.


  1. Ron Morgan on July 19, 2021 at 10:04 pm

    Mailman leaves mail in the outgoing mail slot even though there are little stickers on the door. Perhaps they don’t have time to read instructions. I can’t leave mail in outgoing because it’s not safe. Should have an accessory to block off with arrows that show which slot the mail goes in.

    • Gabriel w/ MailBoss on July 20, 2021 at 3:02 pm

      Hi Ron, thanks for your comment. To clarify, it sounds like you may have either the MailBoss 710x series or Package Master 720x series, as the Mail Manager 750x series does not have an outgoing mail slot. Regardless, it sounds like your regular mail carrier is just getting confused with the mail delivery point. All of our curbside mailboxes are USPS approved and therefore have undergone design review and are certified by USPS engineers for many qualifications, including ease of use. However, when the US Postal Service is delivering more mail than ever before – year after year and especially with all the other crazy stuff that has happened as a result of the Covid 19 pandemic in recent months (increased online shopping and deliveries), I imagine that it can get quite stressful for postal carriers to keep up with the increased demand. I hypothesize that if you were to take a written note and tape it behind your upper, unlocked door which kindly describes your frustrations your carrier might pay more attention to your delivery next time and likely get it right! Mail Carriers are humans too and make mistakes from time to time. I understand that this can be frustrating but writing a note is a good first step, and is likely the easiest solution for the challenges you are describing.

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