Homeowner Says: “Beware! MailSafe NOT Secure”

mailsafeA few days ago, Janet from Sammamish Washington left an interesting comment on one of our blog posts titled “Other Locking Mailboxes: Part I.” Interestingly, she wrote in to tell others about her Curbside Mailsafe by Solar Group, one of the locking mailboxes reviewed in that post.

Janet’s comment:

After our mail had been stolen several times, my husband purchased the Curbside Mailsafe by Solar Group at our local hardware store. When we forgot the key we found it extremely easy to simply reach our hand in and retrieve the mail. When we eventually lost the key it took almost no strength to simply pull the locking door open. My six year old retrieves the mail this way almost every day. It provided us no additional security over the “non locking” mailbox we previously had!

From Other Locking Mailboxes: Part I, 2009/05/03 at 2:16 PM

Her anecdote is a lesson to others that most locking mailboxes are not secure. The Mail Boss security locking mailbox, however, cannot be easily violated and is your best defense against mail and identity theft.

If you have a similar story, please write us at webmaster@mailboss.com or leave a comment on our blog! We would like to share this information so others can be better informed when making a decision on purchasing a locking mailbox.

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