City of Lake Forest Park joins SeaTac in publicly sponsored Mail Boss locking mailbox program

Back in 2018 SeaTac Washington city council member Peter Kwon launched a City-Wide Mail Boss Program, this program has been so successful and well received that neighboring cities have started to take notice! As of this month the city of Lake Forest Park, Washington will be launching their own Mail Boss Locking Security Mailbox program!

“The Mail Boss 7500 Mail Manager Pro has been selected for the program
based on durability, security, product warranty, and price.”

LAke forest park City Hall
City Council
Locking Mailbox Program

Mail Manager® +PRO


Who Can Participate?

Property owners of single-family residential units (including duplexes and triplexes) are eligible to participate in the program. Tenants may also participate with written permission from their landlord (necessary as the mailbox will be owned by the property owner). Mailboxes are available on a first come first served basis and limited to one mailbox per addressed residence within the City of Lake Forest Park.

What are the Program Details?

Property owners may sign up for the program by submitting a completed application, including payment, to City Hall. Applications are available HERE or in-person at City Hall.

A mailbox will be reserved upon receipt of a complete application and payment. Once the city has received a significant number of applications, we will place a bulk order for mailboxes. Once we receive the mailboxes, you will be contacted to pick yours up.

The City of Lake Forest Park is very interested in reducing mail theft within our community. The Locking Mailbox Program is intended to further this goal by making our property owners aware of the value of locking mailboxes for deterring theft and by helping minimize the burdens of cost and installation of a locking mailbox.

If you’re interested in starting a similar program with your community, contact your local city council representatives, and have them reach out to our team at: 1-800-589-7990 for bulk wholesale discounts!

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