City of SeaTac Implements City-Wide Mail Boss Program

SeaTac city council member Peter Kwon, a long time Mail Boss advocate and “Mail box crusader,” is getting a lot of attention for implementing a city wide program to help replace resident’s mailboxes with Mail Boss Locking Security Mailboxes.


After years of finding piles of his neighbors stolen mail littered in the streets of SeaTac, Peter Kwon decided to take matters into his own hands and started replacing would-be mail theft victims’ unsecured mailboxes with Mail Boss Locking Security Mailboxes. His program has been so successful and well received that the City of SeaTac has decided to take on his operation as official public policy! Starting in the next few months, SeaTac residents who wish to protect their deliveries, will be able to purchase Mail Boss Locking Security Mailboxes directly from the city at bulk discount prices! As an added bonus, their new mailboxes will also be installed free of charge by city workers! If you think your city or municipality could benefit from a program like this, contact your local city council or homeowners association and we’d be happy to offer your area the same great bulk order discount prices!

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Thanks again, as always, to SeaTac city council Member Peter Kwon for being a real hero.

Local SeaTac resident Doug Hill suggested “making a big statue of him in front of city hall holding a mailbox,” and we couldn’t agree more.

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