Cascade Pest Locking Mailboxes Burglarized

(Pro-tip: There’s a solution for that!)

One of our vendors sent us a letter stating that payments may have been stolen from the mail. While many people have moved away from uses checks to pay bills, most businesses still send and receive payments by mail.
Locking mailboxes can prevent checks from being stolen from the mail, but not all locking mailboxes are created equal. In fact, most locking mailboxes can be easily violated in just seconds with a household screwdriver. Savvy thieves will target low quality locking mailboxes, often preying on cluster-mailboxes or business mailboxes where there is a higher likelihood of finding checks, bill payments, and other sensitive information that can be used fraudulently.

In this incident, Cascade Pest Control of Redmond was using a locking mailbox, but a thief was able to break into it, putting all of Cascade Pest Control’s clients at risk for identity theft. They reported:

“The property management company of our business park informed us that several locking mailboxes including the one where our mail is delivered, had been breached overnight and the contents stolen.”

They then recommend monitoring accounts and reporting suspicious activity to appropriate financial institutions.

Unfortunately, this kind of thing happens all to often. At best, it is a major inconvenience for the victim(s). At worst, it can result in devastating identity fraud and identity theft. Fortunately, there is an easy solution to prevent mail-identity theft: Use a security locking mailbox that provides substantial deterrence to thieves. A thief should not b e able to “breach” your locking mailbox in a matter of seconds. A quality locking mailbox should prevent leveraged entry and fishing by hand.

We decided to share this insider information with Cascade Pest Control, so they can make an informed decision in replacing their business locking mailbox:

“We urge you to check out Mail Boss. This is a truly secure mailbox that cannot be violated like the rest of the locking mailboxes on the market. These mail thieves are meth addicts and sell the information bit by bit to identity theft rings. This has been going on for many years.”

So, now they know! Mail Boss is the ultimate security mailbox for mail-identity theft prevention.

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