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Credit Card Fraud Infographic

Credit Card fraud: If it hasn’t happened to you already, it probably will eventually. It’s a growing problem, and while you can take precautions to protect yourself, there is no sure-fire prevention. We found a really interesting infographic on credit card fraud from the Huffington Post in an article advising 16 things you must do when your…

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OOPS: Pike Co. Water Authority Mailbox Proves Easy Target, Hundreds of Customers’ Bill Payments Stolen

FACT Act requires secure disposal but not receipt of consumer information? Many federal, state and local laws and regulations have been implemented to protect the privacy of consumers and businesses alike. From the Federal Privacy Act, which requires government entities to protect information of individuals and business, to HIPAA, which mandates the proper storage and…

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EZShield Publishes Must-Read Press Release

The folks at EZShield, an ID theft protection and restoration company, recently published a  must-read press release. It certainly underscores the need for a locking mailbox for comprehensive identity theft protection, so it peaked our interest! In summary: EZShield poll reveals that Americans need to increase vigilance about ID theft, while they overestimate impact of…

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Corporate Data Breaches: Thieves Looking for Your Identity

Data breaches. They’re big news—and it’s no wonder. A single corporate data breach could affect dozens, hundreds or even thousands of employees, clients and customers of the company. And rather than decreasing, data breaches seem to be on the rise, along with an increasing identity theft trend. What are they, and how do they happen?…

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Cascade Pest Locking Mailboxes Burglarized

(Pro-tip: There’s a solution for that!) One of our vendors sent us a letter stating that payments may have been stolen from the mail. While many people have moved away from uses checks to pay bills, most businesses still send and receive payments by mail. Locking mailboxes can prevent checks from being stolen from the…

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