A Vandal Proof Security Mailbox

Mail Boss security mailbox built to take a beating

mailbox_vandalismMailbox vandalism is a rampant problem now-a-days, and consumers are responding by purchasing rugged, stalwart, “vandal-proof” mailboxes. Whereas in the past, unlocked aluminum mail receptacles were the norm, now Americans realize they need hefty and secure locking mailboxes not only to protect their mailbox from becoming victims of M-80s or a baseball bats, but also to keep their mail safe from the prying fingers of mail and identity thieves.

In cases across the country, people go to collect their mail only to find that their mailbox has been smashed, defaced with spray paint, or simply destroyed with brute physical force. In the most extreme cases, malicious individuals have made residents’ mailboxes housing for creepy, crawly and often dangerous creatures.

In addition to the prevalence of mailbox vandalism occurring in the US today, mail theft and identity theft is another reason that consumers have turned to vandal proof security mailboxes. While a hooligan with a baseball bat can destroy your mailbox and put you short $50, a resourceful methamphetamine addict will loot your mail to collect your personal information and steal your identity to get money for drugs. If a criminal violates your mailbox and is able to steal your personal information, you may be set much farther back than $50. Victims of mail and identity theft spend thousands of dollars and countless hours to clear their good names. This alone is reason to get your hands on a vandal-proof security mailbox.

Purchasing a security mailbox to protect your mail from vandals and thieves is not tough. There are a few features that you should look for that guarantee the mailbox security of your curbside locking mailbox:

  1. A vandal proof mailbox must be made of heavy-gauge steel (at least 16-gauge, preferrable 14-gauge or 12-gauge) and never aluminum or plastic, materials that can be easily violated.
  2. A security mailbox should feature a mechanism such as the Mail Boss patent-pending anti-pry device to prevent leveraged entry… otherwise thieves can access your mail with the flick of a screwdriver.
  3. A vandal proof mailbox should be securely placed in the ground with either an In-Ground or Surface Mount Steel Mounting Post, and then secured with concrete or heavy-duty mounting bolts.

A vandal proof security mailbox is surely more expensive than its light-weight counterpart, but it is just as certainly worth the investment. By eliminating the need to replace your cheapo vandalized mailbox every time some ruckus teens go mailbox batting, a high-quality security mailbox will surely pay for itself many times over. More importantly, a security locking mailbox will protect your family and your credit from the perils of identity theft. A quality locking mailbox is certainly worth the investment, and you will reap the benefit of peace of mind.

There are many high-quality security locking mailboxes available at your local hardware store or online. To locate a Mail Boss dealer near you, click here.


  1. Anonymous on February 25, 2017 at 8:16 am

    Our postal carrier constantly leaves the lid of our mailbox open. Several chats with the postmaster has done nothing to change this. Do you have a mailbox with a slot or a lid that doesn’t require closing? Thanks.

  2. Laurie on January 25, 2023 at 10:19 am

    My mailbox is constantly hit by cars or persons wielding enough force to knock it completely off its post!!
    Im so fed up!! Im on my 3rd mailbox!!! What can be done?

    • Gabriel w/ MailBoss on February 14, 2023 at 9:33 am

      Hi Laurie, I am sorry to hear that! That is certainly not fun to deal with… My best suggestion would be to reach out to your local post office to see if the location of your curbside mailbox can be moved slightly to be in a safer and less likely to be damaged position. Perhaps slightly more into a driveway, or a more protected area? Secondly, I would suggest that you put some light/ night reflectors on your post and mailbox, especially on the side that is closest to oncoming traffic. These can be purchased online, at your local hardware store, or we do have some reflectors on our website if you’d like. I have noticed that these are extremely helpful in making sure that cars see and avoid your mailbox and mailbox post.

    • Disgusted on February 9, 2024 at 10:58 pm

      This keeps happening to me over and over and over, to spite the expense and the post being put in concrete and the brand new mailbox every 6 months I cannot keep affording time money effort Etc. Please please let me know if you ever have a solution other than moving house home and mailbox

      • Gabriel w/ MailBoss on February 27, 2024 at 10:18 am

        Hello, I’m sorry to hear that your having trouble with your mailbox being destroyed by cars. Have you tried reaching out to your local post office to request a mailbox at a slightly different location? Additionally, we recommend using high visibility Reflective Mailbox Stickers and Reflective Post Stickers. These will help cars to see your mailbox at night. Best of luck!

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